Strange Encounters

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I almost faint when I see our schoolteacher, Caroline, stop and look at us.

"What are you kids doing here?" Caroline asked us frantically, looking at the almost empty bottle in Malcolm's hand. "Is that alcohol?? You kids are only 16!!" 

"Caroline, what are you doing here? And, I'm just curious, why do you smell like weed and hennessy?" I ask slyly. 

"Yeah. We would like to know, Caroline." Malcolm says suspiciously.

"Shit.." She muttered under her breathe. "Ok. Fine. You've got me. But you don't know how hard it is having to deal with you wack ass kids all the time." She started laughing. At this point she sounded insane. I turned to Malcolm. 

"Ok. Well. I think we're gonna go." I say. "Have a good evening. See you tomorrow in class." 

I take Malcolm's hand and we run to our bikes. We don't talk at all as we bike home. He stops at his house and I put my hand in his.

"You wanna walk me home?" I ask. 

"Sure." He says.

As we walk, I start shivering. 

"I'm freezing my ass off oh my god." I say, the cold night air ruffling my hair.

He takes his hoodie off and hands it to me. I feel my cheeks turn red, even though it's a simple gesture. 

"Thanks, Malcolm. You're so sweet." 

When we get to my house, I go to the side to climb through my bedroom window and turn to Malcolm

"Why don't you come in with me? Your brothers will hear you sneak in at your house since you all share a room." I say.

"So I get to sleep with you for the second time?" Malcolm says excitedly.

I push him lightly. 

"It's not like we're gonna have sex or anything." I retort.

I see a disappointed expression come over Malcolm's face and I feel a wave of frustration run through me. He was sweet for a second and I thought it was going to last. I know I shouldn't expect him to be the perfect hollywood-type boyfriend, but I wish he would be more romantic.

"Ok let's go inside. I'm tired."

We climb through the window and into my bed. I immediately fall asleep.

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