Flash #3 Long Live the Queen

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Cake and Blood

Marie stepped back from the painting, eyes flickering over the white paint portraying her porcelain face. The painter had added the faintest of pinks to her cheeks. Brought out the natural red of her lips. Showed off perfectly arched eyebrows that gave her a look of smugness.

And why shouldn't she be smug? She'd been youthful for eleven years now. Always complimented on her angelic, fair features. The public wondered someone who should have been 34 could still look so childlike.

"Perfect," she crooned and smiled at the painter. "I'll see to it that you're rewarded. Perhaps you could return tonight for payment?"

"Well, it's just that –."

She waved a hand and marched towards the window. "No need to bore me with your troubles. Payment tonight." She glanced back, one eyebrow raised. "That is an order."

He bowed and was escorted out of the room and she rubbed her throat. Talent like that shouldn't be wasted with such a short human life. She adored the details of his painting. The wisps of her hair. The slight curve to her lips in a smirk only royalty could make.

No-one would think that the smug looking Queen had lost her second child to what the humans called tuberculosis. Her new species called it the 'Vampire's Illness'. The curse of what would happen to the children of vampires. They could have children but it was rare that a child that was half undead and half human could survive for so long before their body completely shut down.

Her husband insisted on trying for more children.

"Fool." She hissed showing sharp teeth as her lips curled up. If it wasn't for the luxuries of being royal, she would have run away with Axel, her maker, after her 'illness' eleven years ago. An illness that was hidden from the public eye as she made her preparations for immortality. And now here she was, stuck in a loveless marriage with a man that made her skin crawl and with the responsibilities of taking care of the public.

Such sacrifices to have the lifestyle everyone yearned for.

Her hearing picked up mutterings from the servants outside and Marie crept to the double doors to listen.

"She's ruthless, our Queen. The country's in despair and poverty and she only cares about gambling and parties. Spends, spends, spends."

"I heard she plans on murdering anyone involved in the National Assembly and wants to bathe in their blood."

"The country's getting restless. Angry. We've got a revolution on our hands."

Oh, didn't her subjects have better things to do? A pathetic revolution was their answer to their problems. If they were so poor and didn't have enough bread, couldn't they start eating something else instead?

"Like... cake?" Marie giggled behind her hand before she spun away, back to admiring her painting.

"A revolution? Hmmm. Absolute rubbish. I'm the most popular person in this country. The people adore me."

(Word count: 489)

A/N: Challenge 3 asked us to choose a famous queen and turn her into a vampire. I thought the youthful, charming Marie Antoinette made the perfect selfish vampire with a complete disregard for humans under her rule. And strange how three of her children died from TB... an illness mistaken as vampirism back in the days. Hmmm...

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