Flash #2 Interview with the Vampire

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Cut Short

Interviewer: Jessamine Mayes

Interviewee: Neferet

Interview Setting: Interview conducted in the dungeons of The Watchers' Arcane HQ. The interview was conducted at 11:00 pm on Monday evening.

Affiliation with interviewee: No affiliation

(Start of Interview)

Jessamine [Interviewer]: Could you please state your name and age, please?

Neferet [Interviewee]: ...

Jessamine: Could you please state your name and age, please?

Neferet: Does it matter?

Jessamine: Well, it's for the interview –.

Neferet: So no.

Jessamine: Um... would you – would you mind stating for the record why you're currently being held in The Watcher's Arcane?

Neferet: Apparently, I have been misbehaving.

Jessamine: So, you don't think you've done anything wrong?

Neferet: Do you think you're doing anything wrong eating a burger?

Jessamine: Um, I'm supposed to be asking the questions -.

Neferet: Do you think you're doing anything wrong eating a burger?

Jessamine: I'm actually a vegetarian –.

Neferet: Maybe plants have feelings too.

Jessamine: Can we... can we get back to the interview?

Neferet: Of course. Next question.

Jessamine: Oh... right... Just – hold on –.

Neferet: Please do take your time. I've had plenty of that.

Jessamine: Until now.

Neferet: Excuse me?

Jessamine: You're sentenced to death, soon to be tied up and left out in the sun for your crimes. In your lifetime as a vampire, you've killed countless humans. Women, men... even children. We have records of the terror you spread all the way to Ancient Egypt, which is where you originated from. Correct? You're going to burn. How exactly do you feel about that?

Neferet: If it isn't me, it'll be some other vampire wreaking havoc or you humans like to kill yourselves off. War, terrorism, mass shootings, stabbings... my death won't make a difference to your mortality issue.

Jessamine: No-one believes that. We understand that there are other threats out there. You're the next threat being dealt with in a long list of other criminals we're after.

Neferet: You'll be busy for a very long time.

Jessamine: You didn't answer my question. You will die at sunset. How do you feel about that?

Neferet: ...

Jessamine: Do you believe in the afterlife? Some sort of hell?

Neferet: ...

Jessamine: I've heard rumours that vampires go to a special type of afterlife. Where they're faced with the souls of their kills. How do you feel about that little reunion?

Neferet: Maybe I won't die at sunset.

Jessamine: You won't be pardoned.

Neferet: Your records need to be checked. What makes you think I killed all my victims? They only went missing and were presumed dead.

Jessamine: What is that supposed to mean?

Neferet: Perhaps I needed them. Perhaps I'm exactly where I need to be. Jessamine... have you noticed how quiet your colleagues have become outside?

(Word count: 425)

A/N: Challenge 2 required an interview with a sentenced vampire presented in either dialogue or transcript. Definitely one of my favourite challenges so far just for the format we had to use. I thought I wouldn't be able to drag this for 400-500 words if it was mostly dialogue but it was actually harder to condense.

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