Chapter 22: Agent 16

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• • • • 5 hours ago • • • •

A tall, blonde woman sat on a swivel chair in front of dozens of monitors, her eyes intently watching every screen which shows every angle of a half off-half on bus amidst of a London highway. On the bus was a blonde lady hesitantly walking away from a bloody man with two other men following her.

'Everywhere.' The woman on the chair whispers to herself as she lets a smile crawl upon her red lips.

She was thinking.

Thinking of how smart the bloody man was, of how his trickery opened a gate to something. Her eyes shone brighter out of excitement and mischief as her thoughts were filled by a plan. A plan that's been devised for a very long time.

Her pale white hands slid over to a desk beside her picking up a phone. She dials some numbers before placing it against her ear, waiting for an answer.

'Uh, yes.' The lady says on the other line as someone answered, her sweet and sultry voice evident.

'Mission status– ready.' She says as her smile grows wider before finally putting the phone back down.

She stands up, her heels thumping with every step she took going to the control panel of the monitors. She slowly glides her right hand to a red button, before pressing it and immediately, a picture of a young man with beautiful ocean eyes squinted as he smiled showed on the monitors.

'Don't worry, brother. I'll have you back.'

• • • • Present Time • • • •


This was the painful remark of an injured Claire as she sat on a bed in St. Bartholomew's hospital whilst John was struggling to clean out her wounds.

'Wou–Hang on! It's not like I know this doesn't hurt. Stop whining.' John lectures as he continued dabbing an ice pack on Claire's bruised cheek.

'Well, stop acting like my father then!' Claire retorts back really sounding out of the mood.

'Look, it's been 5 hours. That rage of yours should've come down even just a little bit. It's really starting to get frustrating.' John says raising an eyebrow to Claire as he takes his hand away from her face before putting the ice pack down.

'Well, you do not know anything about me don't  you?' Claire retorts this time finally pulling the trigger within John.

'You know what, we're out of ice. I better get some.' He said frustratedly picking up the ice pack before stomping out of the room, slamming the door behind him. Leaving Claire carefully touching the band-aid on her forehead, only to retract her hand and wince in pain.

John walks outside to find Sherlock sitting quietly on a bench outside of Claire's room reading a file; the man's file.

John walks towards him, frowning just a little bit. 'Look, you have to talk to that girlfriend of yours.' He says out of the blue startling Sherlock– not by his sudden outburst, but by his choice of words.

Sherlock turns his head twice before acknowledging John, only to frown on his words. 'Girlfriend?' He asked baffled. 'Well, theoretically. You two seems to get along extremely well, might as well call you two a couple.' John implies.

'Wh–are you jealous?' Sherlock asked as he put down the file he was holding before standing up to give his full attention to John.

'Seriously?! What I mean is you need to speak to her.' John said as his eyes wandered around in frustration.

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