Chapter 8

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"We need nerve be ashamed of our tears," 

Great Expectations, Charles Dickens

"Hey, Jord, wake up. Mum's out of the hospital today." I feel Logan shaking my shoulder, waking me up from my deep slumber. "I'm going to take her a suitcase of clothes then she's going to stay with a friend, do you want to come with me?

I nod, my eyes closed and head still on the pillow. I roll myself out of bed, straight onto the floor. It's only when I hit the floor that I open my eyes and see my the bright red numbers of my alarm clock staring at me. 07:00am. I've had less than 5 hours sleep, none of us left Jonah's house until gone 2am last night, I'm pretty sure Ivan is still there.

I stand up off my floor. I head over to my wardrobe and, grabbing out a pair of khaki shorts and a black vest top, I realise I really need to do some washing soon, I'm starting to run out of vest tops with the uncharacteristically warm British weather. I make sure my curtains are closed, I don't really want Ivan and Jonah watching me change, I change out of my PJs and into the clothes I just pulled from my wardrobe.

Heading downstairs, I grab an apple out of the fruit basket Logan must have refilled this morning as I walk through the kitchen to the front door; where I find Logan, and a large black suitcase, waiting for me.

"Ready?" He questions, shoes already on, suitcase and keys in hand.

I nod in reply, holding my apple in my mouth as I put on my black flip flops, following him out to his car.

Despite the time it is already very warm outside so I'm thankful Logan already has the A/C running by the time I get in the car.


"You go in and see mum, I'm going to park and I'll bring her bags up." Logan pulls up to the drop off zone outside the hospital.

"Okay,I'll tell her you're on your way." I get out of the cool car into the warm air outside.

Heading towards the front door of the hospital I think I catch a glimpse of Chase but when I turn to look he's gone. I brush it off as my eyes playing tricks on me and head up to my mum's room.

"Hi Mum." I walk into the now familiar hospital room.

"Hi sweetie, where's your brother?" She's sat in the chair today, starting to look better, she's losing that hospital sickness appearance that her skin has had since she was admitted.

"He's just parking, he's bring your bags up in a minute." I reply, taking a seat on the edge of the bed facing Mum.

"He better hurry up. Lucy will be here to pick me up in a few minutes so I'll say goodbye now, look after yourself, don't do anything I wouldn't do, and make sure you let Jonah know how much you appreciate everything. He's good for you." She smiles, taking hold of my warm hand in her cold one.

"I will, thanks mum. Make sure you keep in touch, you'll be home with us soon." I giver her a gentle hug, not wanting to hurt her.

"I'll see you soon honey, now go see where you brother is with those bags. Honestly that boy couldn't rush if his life depended on it." She sighs, exasperated. She was right, Logan did not know the meaning of rushing.

"Okay, I'll go find him, see you soon." Tears blur my eyes as I walk out of the hospital room, knowing I'm probably not going to see my Mum for a few weeks. Even though she's on the mend and going to be looked afterI know I'll still worry about her.

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