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-Part One-


"This is the last box." I announced loudly closing the door behind me with my foot.
A sigh came from the kitchen with a cheerful "Finally!" Then a smaller sigh came from the living room.

Stuffing the box next to the others, I zigzagged my way to the living room. Matt has already occupied one end of the couch. I took the other, leaving the space between us vacant for Aunt Sophie. I could feel the exhaustion settling in my bones and weighing me deeper into the cushion. Grabbing the legs of my jeans to help to lift my limbs up on the box in front of me. There weren't enough brain signals left in me to make them move without help. Speaking of which, no part of me wanted to move anywhere for a very long time.

Aunt Sophie balanced herself with one hand on the back of the couch while she jumped my outstretched legs and then dropped in the empty space between Matt and me.
She handed each one of us a juice box which we took gratefully. I didn't realize how thirsty I was until the sweet, cold liquid reached my mouth and trickled down my throat.

We sat there staring at the sea of boxes silently with straws sticking out of our mouths, too aching to make another move. "We have a lot of unpacking to do." I was the first to break the silence. Now that everything we owned was stuffed somewhere in a brown carton box in front of us. I never noticed how many things I had until I had to pack them.

"Ooooooh yeah!" Matt agreed.

Followed by an "uh-huh " from aunt Sophie. "Well, we don't have to do it all at once. Let's start with the important stuff and just empty the rest little by little." She looked at me and I was nodding then at Matt who gave her a thumbs up. But none of us made a move.

"You meant tomorrow right?" I asked. Not making the effort to turn my head. I just let it roll on the back of the couch.

Aunt Sophie did the same, "Oh yes, of course," she said right away as if she was waiting for someone to make the suggestion. "We did two weeks worth of workout. I don't have to start work until next week, and you guys don't have school until Monday", Aunt Sophie said, "We can at least finish our rooms and the kitchen."

My stomach turned at the mention of school not only was it a new school, but a new city and a new house too. A different start. Not to mention that Matt and I already missed almost a month this year since school started and we have a lot of catching up to do. So, yippee! Aunt Sophie must have sensed my inner battle because she patted my knee. When I looked at her she gave me one of her encouraging smiles.

My heart ached. She looked a lot like mum. The same blond hair, but longer. Mum cut hers' short when she decided it was time for a new look. She looked pretty. They had the same blue eyes, even the same face shape. Except Aunt Sophie looked like a twenty-three-year-old copy of mum. 'Mini-me', was what mum used to call her. I swallowed the tightness that formed in my throat and smiled back.

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