Before it's too late

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I yawn waking up, El sits next to me messing with a radio, I hear foot steps coming down the stairs, I shift beck into a doberman real quick, Mike throws the blanket hiding us out of way
"Hey, you found my supercomm. Pretty cool, huh?" He asks with a smile, "I talk to my friends with it. Mostly Lucas, 'cause he lives so close. Signal's pretty weak." He says, he pulls some waffles out of his pocket "Got you breakfast." He says handing one to El and throwing one to me, I eat it never thinking I would miss eggos so much
"So listen, this is gonna sound a little weird, but I just need you to go out there. Then go to the front door and ring the doorbell. My mom will answer and you'll tell her that you're lost and that you need help. But whatever you do, you can't tell her about last night or that you know me. Understand?" He asks El and I stare at him eating
"Really, it's no big deal. We'll just pretend to meet each other again. And my mom, she'll know who to call." Mike says, El just looks at him for a second, "No." She tells him "No?" He asks, she shakes her head a little, "No." "No... you don't want my mom to get help?" El nods "You're in trouble, aren't you?" He asks "Who... Who are you in trouble with?" "Bad." El whispers "Bad? Bad people?" El nods
"They want to hurt you? The bad people?" El puts two fingers to her head like a gun then she does it to Mike, "Understand?" She asks "Michael, where are you? We're going to be late. Let's go!" I hear our mom shout, "All right, I'll be back." He stammers "Just stay here, okay? Stay here." With that he pulls the blanket back down and leaves.

"You want anything to drink?" Mike asks El as he leads us through the house, "We have OJ, skim milk... what else?" He asks himself, El gets distracted and goes into the the living room, while her and Mike do that I head up stairs changing back into my human form
I make my way to my room I twist the door knob but it's locked, I roll my eyes flipping the sign around I grab the key I keep there, unlocking the door I step in, cold air hits me hard, I close the door but not all the way
I look around at all the drawings that litter the table and my bed, the walls have paintings that I done on them despite my mom saying no, I run my fingers over them looking at the pictures I have sitting on my dresser I smile
There's some of me and my parents and my siblings, some of me and the boys and a couple of me and Jonathan, but one sticks out, I pick it up it's of me and Sarah, my heart hurts looking at it her blue eyes stand out as they always did
Me and her were making dinner for her parents in this picture she had flour all over her and had just threw some on me, we were laughing when Jim took it, I wipe a tear that had fallen, I put it back looking at the layers of dust that covered everything when something next to my bed caught my eye, walking over I pick it up, it's the ladybug I gave Sarah before she—
I sit down on the bed running my fingers over it, I sniffle a little, I sit it on my bed getting up I go to my closet getting some of my clothes out to put on, their a little loose since I haven't been getting the best food for the past 4 years
I sigh feeling a little like my old self being in my room and near my brother again, it feels good but deep down I know that it won't last if the bad men find us, I look out my window memories from the night I left came over me
I don't regret it, leaving that night, if I would of stayed home I never would have met El, as I stand at my window my mind drifts to people I've missed and loved my thoughts land on Jim Hopper, wondering how he's been over these 4 years if he even remembers me
I sigh a little, my crush on the man haven't lessened I don't remember how long I've been standing here when I hear a car pull up I close the door not knowing if I'll have time to get back down stairs, I listen and hear my mom and Mike talking, but something else catches my attention I know no one else can hear it but I can, I hear El crying
I want to run to her but I don't know what room she's in and I don't want to get caught, tears fill my eyes hearing her cry knowing she must be having a flashback, I bite my lip to keep from making any noise, I jump when I hear a lound bump after I hear a door close I move around my room going though my stuff I sit on my window seat holding my sketch book
I open it and start drawing a rose I was so focused I didn't hear the door open or see it since my backs kind of to it
"Who are you? Why are you in my sisters room?!" I jump keeping my back to Mike not knowing what to do, "Hey! Turn around and tell me who you are o-or I'm calling the cops!" I sigh putting my hands up, "Is that anyway to greet your sister?" I ask turning around to face him, his face goes from confusion to shock in a second
"Y-Y/n?" He stutters taking a small step forwards, I nod tears in my eyes, "Yeah, it's me little brother." My voice is tight with emotions, tears spill down his face like mine he rushes forwards and hugs me, I hug him back smiling as a sob leaves me
"Oh God, Mike I missed you soo fucking much." I tell him pressing my face into his hair, "I missed you, too. We though you died, we had a funeral a-and... I just missed you we all did, it wasn't the same without you. Where did you go?" He asks, I swallow hard
"Mike, the bad people El was talking about." He looks at me and nods, "They took me and did a bunch of stuff to me." I wipe my face then his, "Is that why your eye looks like that?" I nod "That dog that she had with her... that was me." He looks shocked by what I'm telling him but he just nods
"Lucas and Dustin are coming over." I nod "Mike, what happened to Will?" I ask, he lets me go, "He went missing that's why we were in the woods, we were trying to find him." I nod.

I sit in Mikes room in my doberman form, Lucas and Dustin come in closing the door behind them they look at El then at Mike like he's crazy
"Are you out of your mind?" Lucas asks him "Just listen to me." "You are out of your mind!" Lucas says "She knows about Will." Mike tells them "What do you mean she knows about Will?" Dustin asks, Mike picks up a picture, "She pointed at him, at his picture. She knew he was missing. I could tell." Mike says "You could tell?" Lucas asks
"Just think about it. Do you really think it was a coincidence that we found her on Mirkwood, the same place where Will disappeared?" He questions, "That is weird." Dustin says looking at Lucas, "And she said bad people are after her. I think maybe these bad people are the same ones that took Will. I think she knows what happened to him." Mike tells them
"Then why doesn't she tell us?" Lucas asks, he looks over at El and walks over to her, "Do you know where he is?" He grabs her by the shoulders making me stand up, "Do You Know Where Will Is?" "Stop it, you're scaring her!" Mike shouts at Lucas
"She should be scared! If you know where he is, tell us! This is nuts. We have to take her to your mom." Lucas tells Mike, "No! Eleven said telling any adult would put us in danger." "What kind of danger?" Dustin asks Mike, "Her name is Eleven?' Lucas asks "El for short." Mike tells him
"Mike, what kind of danger?" Dustin repeats "Danger danger." Mike does the hand gun thing to Dustin then Lucas, Lucas slaps his hand away, "No, no, no! We're going back to plan A. We're telling your mom." Lucas goes to the door and opens it but it slams shut he opens it again and slams back shut and locks the boys turn around and looks at El who has blood running from her nose "No." She says
"What in the hell." Dustin says soon Lucas and Dustin are freaking out and that causes Mike and Lucas to start arguing I get fed up with it after about 30 minutes I shift not really thinking about it
"Boys!" I call, all three of them look at me Mike being the only one not shocked, "Okay, good, you know how to shut the hell up." I grumble, "Y/n?" Dustin asks, I smile at him he goes to hug me but Lucas stops him, "How do we know it's you, prove it." I sigh
"I know that you slept with your baby blanket until you were seven." Lucas looks down then I turn to Dustin "And Iron Man would own Batman's ass in a fight." I say remembering our last conversation, they smile and hug me, I hug them back, "I missed my boys." I tell them "We missed you too." They says after we let go Dustin asks what happened and I tell them.

El and I sit in the blanket fort I'm laying back as she messes with Mike's supercomm
"El? Y/n?" We look at him as he walks over to us he sets some food down, "No adults. Just us and some meatloaf. Don't worry. They won't tell anyone about you." Mike tells her talking about Lucas and Dustin, "They promise. Right?" Mike asks them
"We never would've upset you if we knew you had superpowers." Dustin says, Mike hits him "What Dustin is trying to say is that they were just scared... earlier. That's all." Mike tells her "We just want to find our friend." Lucas tells her "Friend?" She asks "Yeah, friend. Will?"  "What is 'friend'?" She asks "Is she serious?" Lucas questions
"Um, a friend--" Mike cuts in "Is someone that you'd do anything for." "You lend them your cool stuff, like comic books and trading cards." Dustin says "And they never break a promise." Mike adds "Especially when there's spit." Lucas tells her, I wrinkle up my nose in disgust "Spit?" El asks
"A spit swear means.." Lucas spits in his hand and shakes Dustins, "You never break your word. It's a bond." I shake my head, "That's super important, because friends...they tell each other things. Things that parents don't know." Mike tells her.
Mike, Lucas, and Dustin were talking about something when El sits down at a table they have their dungeons and dragons game set up at
"What's the weirdo doing?" Lucas asks, El closes her eyes with her hands on the board, "El?" Mike calls, she opens her eyes and picks up the wizard piece, "Will." She says, I sit next to her watching her closely "Superpowers." Dustin says, Mike sits down to
"Did you see him? On Mirkwood? Do you know where he is?" Mike asks, she looks at him and swips her arm across the board knocking everything to the floor and flips the board upside down, my eyes widen I look at her tears coming to my eyes "No." I whisper, she slams the wizard down on the board
"I don't understand." Mike says "Hiding." She tells him "Will is hiding?" Mike asks, El nods "From the bad men?" Mike asks, she shakes her head no, "Then from who?" She picks up another piece and puts it infront of Will, I cover my eyes scared for Will knowing what he's up against, I know we need to find him and soon, before it's too late.

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