Chapter 8

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Something different this time. We will be hearing a chapter from Dr Jasper's point of view .
Please let me know if you see any errors.

Dr Jasper POV

Just one more cycle. One more complete Luna cycle and I will have it. This is it, my entire plan could come to fruition. After 17 years planning, testing, and working on it, finally I will have my reward.

As long as no one interrupts the process.

And to make things interesting, now I have to play tour guide with the Pack leaders today.

I do need more funding from them though. And time. I am hoping that once they see how much of a difference my work could make to our kind, they will agree to fund the next part of the process.

I'll just leave out the details they don't need to know.

Not everyone gets the fact that you must make sacrifices for the greater good. Especially not Argos. He is a stickler for what is right and good.

Bloody Alphas and their need to always do right.

I have sacrificed the most in this pack. More than anyone knows or even cares for that matter. But it will be worth it. I know it. I have staked my reputation as a physician and a former Beta on this. It WILL work.

And just like that a loud desperate scream interrupts my internal monologue.


"Let me go"

Ah for gods sake. She is screaming again.

I better go and shut her up before her father gets here. Can't have my lab rat scaring off the money man.

I head down the corridor and into the old service elevator, I wait for it to close and then take out the old control console and pull the lever hidden behind it.

I like to think it's very James Bond of me to have a hidden laboratory under the institution but after the fire nearly outed my secret research I couldn't risk having anyone unauthorised see what I was working on. Especially after some of the kids were killed.

Like I said, sacrifice.

I pull out the lever and let the screen scan my face for recognition.

"Welcome Dr Jasper"

The monotone voice speaks and unlocks the back door to the elevator leading to the stairs.

I head down and the lights automatically switch on as I pass each section.
I can hear Amalie screaming louder and louder  as I get closer. She knows what's coming by now.

I have had her a week and the research has come leaps and bounds with her assistance. As unwilling as she might be, she has been the push that I needed to finish this.

I don't know if she will survive the last part but like I said, sacrifice is needed to achieve greatness.

As my father always said.

Amalie and Aidalyn have been of great assistance finishing what my father and I started. And I know he would be proud to see it all pan out now. Though I don't know if he would be pleased about who else has helped but I got desperate after the fire.

It doesn't matter now. What's important is that after this weekend I will be so close to changing the course of a my life, a Betas life, any Beta who wishes to be as strong as the Alpha, which let's face it is all of us, we will all have that chance. And omegas too. Anyone who wishes to challenge once and for all the oppression we all feel. They just don't know it yet.

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