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Jughead paced around the room, arms crossed in a deep thought. Betty sighed, "Jug, you need to stop overthinking about it."

"Betty, I'm serious, what if there's another note out there? What if Savannah gave another note to someone she trusts and they have the answer?" Jughead theorized. Red-headed Archie gave a shrug, "If she did, I don't understand why she wouldn't tell us. If we all have hints on our paper, why do we already have a location. Betty's right."

"Guys, think about it. We know she's in Cloudale, but we don't know why. If they're in danger we could lead the danger to them, or-or if they just need to be alone and the location is where we can visit them is, then we should leave them. It doesn't make sense!" He ranted.

"Hey... What? Having a party without me?" Veronica laughed, walking into the Blue and Gold room. The three silenced themselves from their conversation. "So, what are we talking about?" The Lodge asked. Betty, Jughead, and Archie looked at each other attempting to communicate without speaking. "Uh-"

"The news about how Southside High is merging with our school," Betty cut Archie off with her lie. Jughead glanced at his girlfriend and nodded. "Oh, Jug you must be pretty excited! You know, since you'll get to watch Betty more," Veronica teased.

Jughead and Betty awkwardly laughed. It was awkward for them since Betty had just recently gotten mad at the Jones boy for joining the Serpents. Either way, Jughead threw an arm around her shoulders and gave a thumbs up.

"Forsythe, we fou- Oh! Veronica!" Cheryl stopped herself when she barged in. Reggie followed and quickly hid a paper by stuffing it into his backpack. "Hi, Cheryl?" Veronica furrowed her brown is bewilderment. She then looked at the five who were staring at each other.

"I'm feeling segregated here, what's going on?" Veronica asked. "Nothing Veronica," Reggie snapped. The four mentally facepalmed at Reggie's harsh snap, which gave suspicion towards the boy. "No, seriously. Guys, what's going on?" Veronica gave a fake laugh.

"Like we said, Veronica. It's nothing, and if it was something you don't need to know about it like you are some anonymous gossip girl," Cheryl rolled her eyes. Veronica gave an exasperated sigh, rolling her eyes as well as throwing her hands up in defeat. "Fine. I'll let it go."

"Hey, V... Do you mind, uh..." Betty didn't know how to put her words so that her best friend wouldn't get mad at her. But Veronica, knew what she meant. Being so, Veronica stormed out of the room and went to go bother someone else for the time being.

"Alright, what'd you find?" Jughead asked.


Toni leaned forward onto the bar and watched as her best friend downed another shot of vodka. "You know that I won't give you another shot, right? You'll get drunk afterwards," Toni informed.

A still sober Sweet Pea, looked up at the pink-haired girl and shook his head. "Yeah, yeah. I know, Topaz." Toni rolled her eyes and shook her head, taking the shot glass away from Sweet Pea. "SP, you know that it's been almost a month, right?" she referred to Savannah and Logan's 'passing'.

Sweet Pea gave a dry laugh, knowing fully that Toni didn't know the full story. "Toni, she..."he stopped mid-sentence remembering when the redhead had told him to keep the lie going. "Died... And I didn't even say sorry to her. She's gone."

Toni looked down at the counter and bit the inside of her cheek. "You think... Do you ever wonder if Sav and Logan just ran away from the fire? I mean, they didn't find the bodies..."

Sweet Pea looked at her and shook his head. He wished that his best friends knew the truth. The truth on what really happened to the Valentine siblings. He took in a deep breath, stood up, and walked outside. Toni watched as her best friend walked away in silence as he ignored the girls throwing themselves on him and his friends waving him over.

The tall Serpent went straight to his motorbike and rode off towards his new high school. He had been contemplating whether or not to attend what he was invited to.

Into the school and down the hall, he finally reached the room they've always had their meetings.

"Sweet Pea..." Jughead muttered as he shockingly stared at the male. Sweet Pea sat down on the desk and threw his hands up. "So? In this month, what'd you get?" Sweet Pea asked.

The group looked at each other before catching the Serpent up with their investigation. Reggie made eye contact with Archie, who was bewildered on why the Bulldog's captain was caught glaring at the tall Serpent. "Reggie, can we talk?"

Reggie scoffed and walked outside, Archie following. He slammed the door shut and gave a stern stare. "What the hell is wrong with you? Sweet Pea's working with us," Archie muttered so that the ones in the room won't hear. Reggie rolled his eyes, "If Savannah didn't give him a note, there must be a reason! Cheryl should've just kept her damn mouth shut!"

"Reggie!" Archie snapped. "He's here to help find Savannah."

"What if she doesn't want to be found?"

Archie stared at Reginald Mantle in shock. He couldn't believe what the supposedly best friend of Savannah Valentine just said. "Reggie, she gave us hints for a reason. She argued with that Serpent and cried for a reason. She didn't want to leave."

Reggie shook his head, giving in. He and Archie entered the room again to Betty and Jughead talking. "Savannah might be trying to tell us about some... Problem?" Cheryl proposed. "On what?" Sweet Pea finally spoke.

"The Devils, I bet. Probably threatened them to be their leaders since their dad was caught," Reggie sneered, not making eye contact with anyone in the room. "Hypothetically saying, what if someone has something that explains it all?" Jughead asked, causing everyone in the room to groan.

"I'm serious. If I know Savannah, she would leave it to someone we would least expect."


Savannah sat by her window of her new house and heard loud music and saw the bright lights of what seemed to be a party next door. She opened her window and heard 'My New Swag' playing loudly as well as screaming.

She leaned on the frame and saw the same girl from earlier. The girl, now dressed in ripped jeans, a white crop top, and an oversized yellow jacket made eye contact and smirked at her. Savannah tensed. The girl waved and went into the backyard where the party was being held.

Savannah shook her head and shut her window. Cloudale wasn't Riversale, but she thought it worse than her town party wise. She knew she would hate it by the second she tripped walking down the street.

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