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"did you hear?" joohwi asked gayoung as they made their way to class. "wait never mind you live under a rock, you know nothing about the lastest news."

"actually i do," gayoung said, finishing off her sandwich. "you always inform me so eventually i do know."

"whatever smart ass," the two sat down at their seats. "one, kiyeon got expelled thanks to someone who told on her ass that she dared to get her crusty hands on you. two, there's a new girl in our class."

"wow you really are a pro at being nosy," gayoung snorted, wincing from the pain at her neck.

"you really should've have come to school today," joohwi worriedly eyed her cousin. "but no, your stubborn ass decided to go– you wanted to see your boys didn't ya?"

joohwi wiggled her eyebrows and teasingly poked gayoung's cheeks. gayoung shooed her away, "no i honestly don't know myself."

the classroom door opened and renjun made his appearance. he smiled, "good morning girls."

"morning class pres," the two cousins greeted renjun back. joohwi started to poke gayoung's waist as gayoung tried to stop her.

renjun placed a carton of strawberry milk, a packet of gummies and band aids on gayoung's table, "you should've called me yesterday when kiyeon went crazy."

"thank you for these but.. i don't have your number though?"

"oh right," renjun paused for a moment and fished out his phone. "if you don't mind, can we exchange numbers?"

"sure why not," and so, the two did (cue joohwi uncontrollably giggling in the background, same girl same).

renjun held his hand up, about to pat gayoung's back but stopped, realising that he might hurt her. he gently patted her head, "get well soon."

as the two were so immersed in their conversation, joohwi's attention was drawn towards the classroom door. she looked back and forth between the person standing at the door and at gayoung and renjun.

jaemin walked in and coughed, all the attention was on him. his focus on gayoung remained as he forced out a bitter smile, "morning everyone."

jeno, who was behind him, signalled at joohwi, "jealous jealous."

joohwi nodded, signalling that she had noticed. the two boys made their way towards the group, joining in on whatever their conversation was about.

"renjun do you know the name of the new girl?" joohwi excitingly asked.

"do eunhye," renjun replied, looking at gayoung worriedly. "you guys will know when you see her."

gayoung was confused but shrugged off the weird feeling.


loud chattering erupted in the classroom as soon as the bell rang, but was soon faded away as their homeroom teacher walked in.

"good morning kids," their teacher greeted her students. "we have a new transfer student joining us today."

the boys yelled, hoping that it would be a girl. the girls squealed, hoping that it would be a boy.

sucks on them issa girl.

"kids shut up or else i'm not going to introduce the new kid," their teacher sighed, thus causing the classroom to become quiet once again. "anyways, come on in new kid."

a familiar girl walked in and six people were in shock. joohwi nudged gayoung, "h-hey doesn't she... look familiar to you?"

gayoung gulped and shakily glanced at minho then at jaemin, "pinch me i think i'm having a dream."

joohwi shook her head, "no then i'm going to slap you."

"what a great cousin," gayoung said sarcastically, playfully rolling her eyes.

the new girl bowed and shone a bright smile at everyone, "hello i'm do eunhye, please take care of me!"

"we will!" the boys happily yelled.

do eunhye.

park minho's ex.



kiyeon fell to the ground and stared up in horror at the person towering over her. tears streamed down her cheeks, "i-i'm sorry please forgive me! i didn't mean to—"

they chuckled, "my ass you did. plus, i already gave you a warning didn't i? touch her and you'll know exactly what's worse than death."


author's note:
sorry for the short chapter guys :(

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