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You smiled as you sat backstage, watching your husband - Michael, rehearse. He performed a series of intricate dance moves, making you proud. Frank, his manager, sat next to you - his arms folded. Michael winked at you momentarily before he continued.

Frank chuckled as you blushed, however, your happiness only lasted a second. The Way You Make Me Feel began to play, making you groan inwardly. You hated that song when it was performed live, mainly because you disliked Tatiana - the leading lady of the performance.

Tatiana hadn't made traveling easy. She always complained, and her conduct was horrible. She annoyed you to the highest degree.

Next to you, you heard Frank laugh softly. You frowned and turned your head to look at him.

"I can see that you hate her," he grinned. "I hate her too,"

"I know," you giggled softly before turning your head to face the front again.

"You know, Michael could just fire her if you asked him to, you know that he'd do anything for you,"

"Yeah, but I don't want to cause any drama. As long as Tatiana knows her place, I'll be fine,"

Frank opened his mouth to say something, but Michael came jogging up to the two of you - sweat dripping down his forehead. You smiled lovingly at your husband, standing up to hug him.

"Hey," he giggled as you grabbed his face towel, patting away the drops of sweat from his face. "I'm sorry that rehearsals took so long," he flashed you an apologetic look.

"Don't worry about it," you grinned. "I don't mind waiting for you. I know you want everything to be perfect,"

Michael broke into a smile, kissing you softly.

"Let's go home," he proposed. "We'll need all the rest we can get before tonight's show,"


Upon arriving at the hotel, you and Michael had quickly fallen asleep - the day certainly had been draining. It was only two hours later that the two of you had begun to get ready.

Michael was in the bathroom, having a shower as you stood in front of the mirror. You finished putting on your pearl earrings, and looked at yourself. You wore a loose sweater over jeans, and a pair of sparkly ballerina flats. You observed your makeup and smiled.

You were satisfied with the way you were dressed, and how you looked. After a moment, you heard Michael come out of the shower. He had a towel wrapped around his waist, and he was still a little wet.

"I'll leave now," you smiled at your husband. "I'll wait for you backstage, don't take too long," you giggled, walking up to kiss him before making your way out of the hotel room.

To the stadium, we go.


It had an hour since Michael had arrived, and one hour since the concert had commenced. Everyone was cheering, and you were clapping - cheering your husband on.

At present moment, Michael was performing The Way You Make Me Feel - and Tatiana was on stage. It took every nerve in your body not to roll your eyes. She was having too much fun up on stage.

Suddenly, in front of everyone - you saw Tatiana kiss Michael. Your eyes widened, and the entire backstage crew gasped. She had specifically been told not to kiss the man. You were appalled.


You also noted how uncomfortable Michael was. He gave her a hug, but his smile was far from genuine. It made you laugh softly. After the song was finished, Tatiana ran backstage - only to be caught by Frank.

"I told you not to kiss him!" Frank snapped, making Tatiana roll her eyes.

"Well I did!" she threw her hands up in frustration. When she did that, you caught a whiff of a familiar scent - a scent that belonged to you.

"Wait," you took a step forward. You wanted to slap her. "Is that my perfume you're wearing?" you were exasperated.

Tatiana froze. She stared at you like she knew exactly what you were talking about. She had used your perfume without asking you.

"Tatiana, you're fired,"

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