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"Do you like tattoos?"


"I asked if you like tattoos" Jisung repeated.

"I do. What about you?"

"I do too, but only small ones."

"Hm, do you want a tattoo?"

"Well yes, but not right now, I was just wondering if you liked them."

"Hmm I see"

"Do you want any tattoos?"

"Yeah. There's actually one I've been wanting to get since I can remember"

"What is it?"

"It's the earth, with a dashed orbital ring and a paper plane going around it, and a star above it"

"That sounds pretty. Is there any reason why you want that tattoo?"

"Well, the plane going around the earth represents my love for travelling, and i like to think the illusion of the universe represents my loved one, my universe. So, for me, the tattoo represents how I want to travel around the world with my lover" Minho said, staring intensely into Jisung's eyes.

"I hope we'll be married by the time you have the opportunity to travel around the world" Jisung said as he circled his arms around the older's torso and hugged him tight.

"Me too Sungie, me too"

(btw the tattoo Minho referred is the one at the top)

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