[The Flash-Fic Appears] Sky Free

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"Ada! Fly!."


Twenty years in a stone box room. Only a square window keeping my sanity. I no longer cared.

"Aren't you hungry?" Asked Sana, pushing the bowl of porridge my way.

I pushed it back, and the bowl toppled over, spilling its contents.

Sana sighed. As my caretaker and only friend, she was understanding of my difficultness. Even more so as the autumn equinox approached. "Midnight is the ceremony. Have faith."

Midnight came and I stood on a fylfot drawn on the ground in chalk. Sana stood outside my cell door, keeping watch, as a witch chanted to an entity unknown. For almost an hour she continued till my hopes had descended into the abyss; but then I was taken by a violent seizure.

I came to by the shouting of the mayor. "You've doomed us all!"

To my surprise, wings had taken place of my arms.

The guards dragged me outside to a crowd waiting for their human sacrifice. They wailed on seeing me.

In the confusion I slipped and ran to the walls built around the chersonese city. The more I ran, the more height I gained, till the crowd was just a blur. I was free.


Word count 200.

Photo by katja on Pixabay.

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