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(Chapter 1 : Enough is enough)




Chanmi's P.O.V.

The stark smell of bleach was overwhelming. I scrunched my eyes at the bright light that was sipping through my closed eyelids. I felt powerless and heavy. I could not move my hand, my head or my body.

I slowly started blinking, desperately trying to open my eyes and see what's around me. Where am I? As blinding light slowly subsided I could take a look around my surroundings. I was at the hospital.

The room was pristine clean and gloomy. Typical hospital bed, IV and monitors beeping. The walls were a sickly green color and the linens were grayish. The place looked nothing like a room where a patient should be motivated to get better. If anything the murky room was making me even more nauseous.

I could not remember how I got here but I knew for sure that I wanted out as soon as possible. Preferably right now.

There were people around the room, most likely the doctors.Just then,I remembered everything that happened.

Am I not dead?

"Miss Lee, how are you feeling?" The doctor asked me with a gentle smile plastered in his face as he checked some papers in his hands, probably test results related to me. I could feel my breathing become uneven and anger boil inside me uncontrollably.

I grabbed the doctor by his collar and brought his face closer to mine. My eyes felt watery and my teeth were gritting against each other.

"WHY AM I ALIVE?!! WHY DID YOU SAVE ME?!!" I shook his body, screaming furiously.

"Miss Lee! Please calm down!"

I could feel the nurses trying to pull me away and pin me to the bed but I was going completely hysterical. I kept using my strength, trying to push them away and free myself.

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