Chapter 31

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Chapter 31


"WOW" was all I could muster at the first sight of 'Isla Cielo', Nico's island and home.

 It was just after dinner that we arrived at the island.  Nico had suggested I have my camera on hand and I'm glad he did.  It was simply breathtaking!  As Serenity approached, the island presented itself as a patchwork of lush and green fields and farms.  As we passed the northeast end I could see cliffs that extended out where the ocean hit head on, waves crashing over the rocky barrier; it was when we came around to the southwest end that I saw Soledad, Nico's house, named after his great, great, great grandmother.

 It was the most amazing house I've ever seen, it almost looked like a very large plantation home, set up on a slight hill overlooking a pristine beach that sparkled even as the sun was waning.  Three storeys, lots of balconies and a huge patio facing the water.  Nico said it has been renovated many times since it was first built almost 200 years ago and has increased in size with each renovation.

I was perched up on deck snapping photos and Nico came up behind, leaning into me, tickling behind my ear with his nose.  "Do you like it baby?" he breathed as his hands traced up and down my sides.

"It's amazing!" I fawned.  "I've never seen anyplace so beautiful!"

"I'm glad you like it.  I want you to be happy here, baby."  He kissed my cheek and I turned to face him and met his lips with mine.  I wanted to tell him that I'd be happy anywhere as long as he was there, but I thought it sounded too sappy, so I tried to tell him with my actions as I leaned into his chest and opened myself up to him.  When he pulled back a few minutes later he looked at me with dark heated eyes and I just wanted to melt.  "We can finish this later," he murmured, sliding a finger down my face, "I don't want you to miss any of this."

 I turned back to the island and gazed at the long finely manicured lawn that spanned the incline leading from the beach to the house.  I snapped more photos and then turned the camera to the docks that were built to the side of the beach where I could see several boats, but of course since Serenity was so large it would be moored in the deeper water and we'd take the small speedboat to the dock, just like we did in Miami.

 Once we were dropped off, Nico and I walked up the grass to the house while his staff unloaded supplies and our things onto a few jeep-like vehicles that Nico called 'mokes' , they had small trailers attached which were getting piled high with boxes from the mainland.

 I saw some men doing yard work across the lawn and they smiled and waved at Nico.  There was a dog with them, a golden retriever and as soon as he saw Nico he came bounding over.  "Hey buddy," Nico said as he knelt down and gave the dog hearty pets.  "This is Willi, well, Williwaw, but we mostly just call him Willi," he explained.

"Is he yours?" I asked.

"He's everybody's here at Soledad.  Frank, who's in charge of the property mostly takes care of him while I'm gone, but really everybody looks after him.  Williwaw, this is Finn," he cooed to the dog and pointed to me.  I leaned down to pet him as his tailed wagged a million miles an hour.  He jumped up and licked my face.  All I could do was laugh, I had never had a dog before so I was excited to meet him.  After a few minutes we continued on our way and Willi ran back to the men.

"The house is separated into different parts," Nico explained.  "Of course, you know I like my privacy so I have a wing of rooms where none of the staff are allowed except for cleaning.  There is a wing of guest rooms, the large kitchen and dining areas, the great room for receiving guests, a formal dining room and several sitting rooms and libraries.  We have a gym, small movie theatre, sun room and of course rooms for the house staff that live here with us."

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