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New Years-Danisnotonfire Twoshot

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A Danisnotonfire twoshot since I'm too tired to finish it!  This was written for Emma and I hope you like it!  I'm sorry for not finishing it tonight, but I'll write the last part soon.  Hope you like it! 

I was so excited.  Tonight was my night and I wouldn't let anything ruin it.  My best friend, Bella, had just invited me to a New Years party at her boyfriend's house and I was beyond excited.

Parties were probably one of my favorite things in the whole world besides One Direction and my internet crush, Dan Howell or Danisnotonfire.  

I decided to dress up nicely, but not too fancy, so I just went with some dark skinny jeans and a oversized, long sleeve, flowy white shirt.  I wore some silver bangles and studs, deciding against a necklace because I thought I would be over-glamorized.  I dusted on a light amout of silver eyeshadow, while lining my eyes and coating my eyelashes with black.  My pink lips smiled as I pulled my hair out of it's bun and let it sway in it's natural blonde curls.

I thought I looked decent. Maybe decent enough to find a boyfriend, I thought as I scoffed to myself.  My mother was constantly perstering me about finding a nice boyfriend since my sister had just been hitched and was close to having her first child. 

It actually bugged me, the constant pestering.  I was way to young to even think about getting a steady boyfriend.  For Heaven's sake I was only 18 years old!  Parents these days.

A knock on my door broke me out of my angry trance.  I ran to the door in my sparkly silver flats and grabbed my Iphone.  A smile plastered on my face as I saw my best friend Bella in her party getup.  

Her short black hair was styled in natural waves and her eyes were lightly dusted with gold eyeshadow, brown eyeliner and mascara.  Her light, rolled up skinny jeans hugged her perfectly and her black v-neck tee was simple yet classy.  Her white and black camera necklace matched her shiny spectators (a type of shoe :3).  She looked fabulous.  We were complete opposites, but fit together like Ying and Yang.

"Emma! Are you ready to meet my boyfriend!!!!" she shouted in excitement.

I rolled my eyes and smiled.  She wouldn't shut up about her boyfriend, Phil.  I had never met him, but he seemed like a great guy.  Supposedly he worked in the internet entertainment industry, which kind of freaked me out at first, but she assured me it was nothing weird.  Still...who the hell calls their work "the internet entertainment industry".

"Yes, I'm very excited to meet him!" I shouted back, mimicking her over excited tone.

She stuck her tongue out at me and grabbed my hand, dragging me into her car.  We jammed out to One Thing by One Direction.  Even though that song was constantly overplayed on the radio, I could never get sick of it.  I just loved them that much.

Coincidently, we pulled up to the apartment building as soon as the song ended which made me even happier since I hated stopping a song before it was finished.

As we made our way up in the elevator and walked up to their door, I was bouncing in excitement.  I was absolutely ecstatic to be going to my second party this week and meet Bella's boyfriend, Phil.  My glittering blue eyes quickly turned from excitement to shock as I saw none other than the AmazingPhil opening the door.

"Bells!" he shouted as he embraced my best friend and gave her a kiss.

"Emma meet my boyfriend, Phil.  Phil, this is Emma my best friend," Bella said enthusiastically.

I was shocked, but managed to stutter and awkward, "He-Hello."

Why didn't Bella tell me that the AmazingPhil was her boyfriend!  She new how much of a fan I was...maybe that's why she didn't tell me because I'd bug her about meeting them.  Well of course I would ask to meet them, but did she really think springing this up on me was going to make me less fangirly?  Well actually yes...since I was to shocked to even speak properly.

Wait...i thought as she pulled me inside...if this is Phil's house then that means...

"Hey Bells how are you?" a familiar and angelic voice said.

I turned around and came face to face with the most beautiful brunnette I had ever seen.

His sparkling brown eyes glinted mischieviously as he eyed my appeance up and down.

"I'm Dan! And you are?" he said.

Oh dear Bella, what have you gotten me into.

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