Chapter 11: Still in the closet

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After meeting the head of the dorm and had a small rundown of where all the facilities are, I was given the key to my room, room 1105 god just exactly how many rooms are there?

I explore around from one floor to another and when I made it to the 5th floor I realised there was an elevator I could've taken, well then thanks for making me waste my energy, I huff and puff ever so tiredly to finally realise I'm in front of my room, finally!

Using my gold key I welcome myself to the pitch black, I navigate my hand on the wall to finally find the light switch and flicked it on to see there was no one here except me, is what I thought until I heard the shower running in the private bathroom.

Shrugging off the fact my roommate is taking a shower I noticed my luggage is here on the right side of the room which probably indicates that this is my side, as I flop on the new comfy bed "smells like roses" it's kind of like Edna, she smells like soap but sort of floral soap, daises? maybe roses?.

"Huh? Alex?" Lifting my head up I came face to face with a half-naked Natsu with nothing but a towel, damn he's hot, I mean "N-Natsu?" as he seems rather surprised by the situation "wow Alex who would've thought you were my new roommate" he giggled, "oh wait" as he just remembered that he was still half naked "haha hold on give me a sec to change real quick" as he quickly grabbed some clothes on his bed and started changing right in front of me "wait! hold on! Natsu-sama please change in the bathroom!" as I cover my eyes.

He scuffs "why we're both guys so it shouldn't really matter" that's true but still it's bad for my heart, "because it's inappropriate to change in front of someone you barely know" he looks at me oddly "ooh I see you're-" I look at him confused, he sounds like as if he figured something out he couldn't have, could he? "oh I see!" he smiles cheerfully "sorry I didn't want to give you the wrong impression" as he heads back into the bathroom.

I sigh in relief as I can finally relax in my new room. Momentarily later he came out in a black sweater with a loose blue bottom "so sorry about what you saw" he said as he made his way to his side of the room "who would've thought you were the new transfer student" he smirks as he takes a long look at me.

"Y-yeah I hope we get along" I just went along with it and smiled as I reach out my hand "yeah let's get along Alex" he took my hand giving me a firm shake, for a boy who seems really easy going and relaxed for some reason has a very rough hand.

I look down at my luggage and opened it up to start unpacking "Alex, can I ask you a question?" Natsu asked while drying his blood red hair with a towel "ask away" as I pulled out what little clothes I have "are you an outcast?" I paused to take a moment to think "what makes you think that?" as I separate my clothes into the closet. "During the time I met you as Shay, I couldn't help but think about your words, 'I'm not very well liked by my family' is what you said, at first I thought it was weird how a kid like you would be treated unfairly by your family that I even thought you were lying. However, during the celebration, I noticed how you were looking at your family with some sort of negative emotion which I will not assume" he smirks as he leaps off his bed, "a negative emotion what makes you say that" I chuckle nervously as I turn back to see him slowly approaching me, "and to top it all of your stuff" I gulp nervously.

"W-what about them?" he smirks as he pins me against the wall, "you barely have anything except for a couple of shirts, trousers and that outfit from the party, really cute by the way" he smirks "if you were loved they would've spoiled you with lots of clothes from the finest fabrics but from the looks of your clothes, that's not the case" as he leans in closer to my face.

"W-what are you doing?" he chuckles ever so seductively "what do you think?" as he leans in breathing down on my sensitive neck, "...hahaha" he burst out laughing "I'm sorry I was only joking haha!" he dies laughing on the ground, I was left with intentions to murder the man on the ground, how dare he made me expect something.

Luckily the unpacking process wasn't long for I didn't have much, leaving the laughing mess behind I walked out of the room to bump into somebody's chest "oh sorry, Furu?!" I look up to meet eyes with the pale man "Alex?! what are you doing here in Natsu's room?" as a pair of surprisingly strong arms wraps around me with Natu's head popping on my shoulder "nothing much just. You know, getting to know each other" he smirks which then came face with Furu's fist.

"You know I came here today to that as revenge for yesterday" he glares at Natsu before leaving, "hold on wait Furu" I reach out to him but he already left.





End of chapter 11



I'm gonna be honest here, I'm kind of rushing this because I want to hurry up and start writing up more yaoi stories that keep popping up in my mind, so I'm trying to finish this in at least 20 - 22 chapters, but thanks for reading guys XD

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