Glue Dunnit a sticky situation

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Malia's Outfit ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~Malia's P

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Malia's Outfit ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^
Malia's P.O.V

Me and my family just got back from the park Zuri was in Jessie's arms i was fast walking behind Emma i'm actually pushing her while smiling

"Malia! Quit pushing me" Emma said i smiled widely at her

"I'm not pushing i'm just walking faster behind you" i said with a innocent smile

"Just be happy i didn't get Malia the cattle prod she wanted for Christmas" Jessie said i frowned a bit

"Hey Ravi go long!" Luke said getting ready to toss the football

"Go where?" Ravi asked confused as Luke toss the football but it landed near Mrs.Chesterfield

"Oops" Luke said as Mrs. Chesterfield pop the Football

"Oops" Mrs. Chesterfield mocked as Jessie looked at her

"Hey that was mean " Jessie said as Mrs. C smiled

"Thank you i try Tony help me with my bags" Mrs. Chesterfield said Jessie rolled her eyes

"He's a doorman not a plastic surgeon" Jessie said i laughed a little

"Ow" i heard Bertram say i looked around confused

"Excuse me Bertram" Tony said as the elevator opened we walked inside

"Hello Bertie i didn't see you back there" Mrs. Chesterfiled said

"That was the plan" Bertram said as he walked in

"Oh  you i'll take this one it has my favorite new hair product Do Glue be on the watch for uncoiffure extraordinaire" Mrs. C said as Tony look at her

"If i see him i'll call the cops immediately" Tony said Sarcastically
As Mrs. C walked towards the Elevator

"Close close close " Me Zuri Emma Ravi Luke Jessie and Bertram said but Mrs. C came in

"Ugh! Someone went a little heavy on the perfume " Emma said i nodded

"That's Zeus's new cologne Wolfwind" Mrs. Chesterfield said as Jessie looked at her

"Wolfwind is for dogs? My ex-boyfriend used to wear it well actually that's appropriate" Jessie  said as i smiled a little

"What is touching my derriere? It is highly unpleasant " Mrs. Chesterfield asked as i looked at Ravi

"It is a who not a what and the feeling is mutual" Ravi said me Emma Luke and Zuri started laughing

Them song:
Oh,Oh,Oh,Oh,oh oh
Hey Jessie hey jessie
It feels like a party everday
Hey Jessie hey Jessie
But they keep on pulling me
Every which way Hey Jessie
Hey Jessie my whole world
Is changing turing around
They got me going crazy
The ground're shaking
But they took a change on
The new girl in town
And i don't want to let them
Down down down
Hey Jessie it feels like. A party
Everday Hey Hey Hey
Hey Jessie
Malia's P.O.V

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