Hey, Listen!

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"That looks great on you." Chloe tried as hard as possible to check Geoff out as subtly as she could. It didn't make much of a difference though, as Geoff was oblivious to any and all advances. Awsten noticed. He felt a weird stab in his gut. He didn't like it. "I'm Chloe. I was just chatting with your friend. Apparently you could use some help." He had no reason not to like her or not trust her. She was even giving off a warm and positive vibe; a thing that most people didn't. She smiled at Geoff and although her smile was bright, he could feel that pain again. He ignored it.

"I could use a lot of it." Geoff confessed to the employee, unsure of his answer. He hadn't responded that way to Awsten earlier at all. He wasn't sure if it was because she was cute or because she was dressed like a normal human being that he was so willing to accept her help. A woman's touch never hurt. Geoff tried to shoot the other boy a glance, silently inquiring if he too had heard the song. Awsten refused to look at him, deciding his fingernails were more interesting. Geoff abandoned the idea.

"Doubt it. The blue brings out your eyes. That's already a start." Chloe laughed softly, brushing a piece of her light brown to blonde ombre out of her face. Geoff noticed a pop of color on her arm, although he wasn't too concerned with her arm tattoo. He took more interest in the ones on her chest. Geoff wondered how many she had in total but didn't ask. "So do you have a name or-?"

"He has a habit of liking cool tones and stripes." Awsten felt like he didn't exist. They were having a moment without him. Sure, he didn't think that this weird game that they were playing was going to constantly be about him except, yeah, duh, he totally did. He was the first player and therefore the center of this alternate universe. It didn't make any sense. This was supposed to be about him finding love, not Geoff.

"I'm Geoff." Geoff looked at Awsten, surprised he had spoken. If Geoff was being entirely honest, he sort of forgot Awsten was even there. It was unusual for Awsten to fade into the background for even a second, let alone thirty. The other boy was always, not to mention rather loudly, expressing his opinion. "And there's nothing wrong with knowing what works." Chloe was right about the shirt bringing out the brunette's eyes but Awsten refused to accept it, as he did with most things from people he didn't care for.

"Sometimes you need to take risks." Awsten was might've been right but very rarely did he follow his own advice. He needed to take a risk. Not all of his potential soulmates had revealed themselves but of the two he had been presented, he was positive he should try and pursuit at least one of them. He tried to discard the thought of Ciara but she came back into his mind no matter how much he tried to think of the other blonde. There was a point in his life where he was convinced he would spend the rest of it with Ciara. Maybe that meant something.

"You're right. Every wardrobe needs balance." She was agreeing with him but Awsten could feel the underlying competitive tone. "Show me what else you've got." Between her words and her smile, Geoff was grinning before heading back into the cubical. When she looked back at Awsten, her smile was gone. It was replaced with a look of disapproval.

"Do you have something to say to me?" Awsten really didn't expect this girl to not like him. He didn't like not being liked. In Awsten's perfect world, he would've had everyone love him all the time. He craved the validation. He didn't understand why Chloe didn't like him. Maybe it was the same reason he didn't like her. No reason at all.

"Yeah. I don't really like you." She had watched the pair walk around the store during the majority of their trip. From where she was standing, it was mostly Awsten controlling Geoff. He would convince the taller boy to put pieces of clothing back. Even some of the items that made it in the bag were later removed without his knowledge. It wasn't a healthy relationship. Geoff was an adult who should've been making his own choices.

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