22.The Day After

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My eyes fluttered open as the sun shined bright in my face, I felt the cold breeze hit my arm. The memories from last night flooded into my head and I instantly smiled, me and Camila made love last night.It was hot, it was passionate and it was sexy, I litrally did not imagine it to be like that,I can't believe I waited a year for that, I thought I was gonna be a top and own that shit but it seemed like both of us were, but hey, I ain't complaining. I turned to the side to look at my beautiful girlfriend, she was sleeping so peacefully and at this moment I realised that I want this. I want this more than anything, to be waking up to my beautiful girlfriend, maybe wife one day every morning.

I admired her naked body from her neck, down to her small breasts, her flat toned stomach, down to her tanned legs. I still can't belive what happened last night it was just.....magical.

I figured it would be best to head downstairs and make some breakfast, as I got up my body started to ache a little, Well that's what happens after 5 rounds of sex, I stretched out my arms and shoulders hearing cracks in the process.

I cracked my neck and got up slowly.I could feel a slight pain between my legs from last night but it only made me smile thinking of what happened last night. I put on some underwear and shorts, along with a tank top.

As I was heading downstairs I got a text from Dinah

DBag😍💯: Gyal, did you get fucked up last night?

Before I could reply I heard the doorbell go off, I put my phone down and ran my fingers through my hair, the person kept knocking so I had to walk really fast, " Alright alright, chill," I said while looking in the peep hole. It was my neighbour Jason, me and him were like brother and sister, he'd always come look after me everytime I was sick and we'd always play video games together.

I opened the door to see him wearing a robe and I'm not sure if he was pissed or proud cause honestly it was hard to tell. " Ay what's up Jas?" I said happily, he looked at me and glared
"What time did you go bed yesterday Y/N?" He asked while leaning on the door frame, " Urrmm around 10, why?" I lied, I slipped a smile when I remembered what happened last night " really?" He asked while giving me a smirk "cause I couldn't get to sleep until 2 am!" He said quite loudly " bro shut up!" I said while laughing
"why couldn't you sleep?" I asked " Oh cause I heard moaning all fucking night!" He snapped back, my mouth dropped open and I let out a laugh
"UGH Y/N, fuck!" He started to imitate Camila from last night and my cheeks turned red, I planted my face in my hands  "sorry," I mumbled, he looked at me and started laughing " were we that loud?" I asked " Oh boy," he said while chuckling " I'm pretty sure you kept the whole neighbourhood up," I started scratching the back of my neck " sorry buddy," I said, " it's okay sis," he gave me a kind smile "So?" He asked, I raised my eyebrows " how was it?" He asked again " OMG! Jason what the hell?" I said while hitting his arm " What? I can tell she was enjoying it cause she was fucking screaming your name out like crazy man!" He said with excitement.Jason was like a brother from another mother and we'd always look out for eachother, but there was no way I would talk about my sex life with him. " I'm pretty sure she was lovin it!" He carried on, I rolled my eyes at him " and I bet you loved HER as well, I know it was a HER cause of her moans but damn how was MILA?" He said saying Camila's nick name slowly, I looked at him with my eyes wide open " how the fuck do you know her name?" I asked " Oh cause I could hear you screaming it as well!" He said while laughing "this is ridiculous," I said while slowly closing the door " keep it down next time!" He shouted as I fully closed the door.

A cheeky grin made its way to my face as I walked into my kitchen, me and Mila were so loud that we pissed of the neighbours, whoops.

I started making some breakfast for me and Camila, just simple waffles, eggs, bacon sort. Most of the time my mind would drift off to last night.

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