I can't believe what I have done today. When ever I'm hanging out with Paige I want her. But when I hang out with Maddie I want her to. I like both. When I'm with them by myself I can't control myself. I should really apologize to Maddie. I don't think she will forgive me. I don't think Paige would want to date me. I might as well try to get back with Maddie. The next day I asked my mom to bring me to dance class early. So I would have enough time to talk to her.

"Maddie can I talk to you in the other room" I asked politely

"Fine" She replied

When we got in the other room I couldn't help but stare at her beautiful eye's.

"What do you want" She looked at me with a glare

"I'm so sorry I don't know what got into me" I confessed 

"Sorry ins't enough"She said said walking away


Right now i'm driving to dance class. I sneaked a box of chocolates and some flowers. I got the flower's from my mom's garden but she doesn't know. 

"Maddie can I talk to you" I asked

"What is it this time " She asked

" I have something for you" I explained

"What" She asked

I pulled some flower's and a box of chocolates from behind my back and handed it to her.

"I really do love you" I told her

She didn't say a word.

"Maddie please forgive me I love you" I said starting to cry

She looked at me with a sad face. Than I saw a tear drop from her eye. She ran up to me and give me a big hug. She wouldn't let go

"I forgive you" She told me

"Thank you so much so were back together right?" I asked

"Yes" She smiled

"Yay" I replied

"I have never seen a boy cry" She laughed

Hey so this is the end of my book. Sniff ,sniff It has gone by so fast but don't worry i'm like starting a new book right now. After I finish writing that new book i'm writing a squeal to this book. So don't forget to vote and comment and fan. The more you vote the more I want 2 write lol. Thank you for all the support and all the votes and reads. Love you

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