Lena Luthor- Oblivious (c)

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Instantly you befriended Lena when she took over as head of LexCorp, well what was now LCorp. You'd never met her brother as you were too menial for his time and was soon thrown into jail; when Lena took over as your new boss, she was incredibly different. The whole business changed for the better, and you were happier than you could have imagined. Even though you had worked your way up in the previous years, you were still a no one compared to Lena Luthor, but she didn't care, you had similar interests and that meant you were destined to be friends even if in the work place it wasn't what you'd imagine.

Lena was beautiful, smart and funny, all you could have ever wanted in a friend. However, at first you didn't realise that maybe that was all you wanted from a girlfriend instead. Nevertheless, you were sure that she only liked you as a friend and nothing more.

The two of you were in the lift heading down to the ground floor when Lena suddenly turned to you with an awkward and nervous smile.

"Y/N," she said, slightly too loud, before letting out an awkward laugh before starting again. "Y/N, I mean."

You gave her a soft smile, not worried by what she had to say.


"Maybe we could go out for a drink sometime?" She asked, quickly holding out her hands as though to ward you off. "I mean... if you want to, no pressure... honestly."

You had no idea why she was worried about asking you that. She'd asked you for a drink quite a few times recently and you always agreed, as did your friends once the two of you went on to invite them too.

"That'd be nice," you smiled. "We should invite Kara, Alex and Sam too," You smiled warmly.

She let out a sigh. It took a moment before she looked you in the eyes again with a small and terribly nervous smile on her face.

"Oh... yeah," she said, playing with the ends of her dark hair. "Well I meant just the two of us."

You cocked an eyebrow. Why wouldn't she invite the rest of your friends to come out for a drink too?

"Did you have a falling out with them?" You asked sympathetically. "I mean, a drink is the best way to get to be friends again."

Lena laughed again, it was pained and anxious, but you had no idea as to why she would be so nervous today.

"How do I say this..." She sighed. "Please don't hate me... but... well... I want to go on a date with you. I've liked you for a while and every time I ask you on a date, you invite Kara, Alex or Sam. And honestly, I don't know if you are just oblivious or you don't like me. Either is fine, granted I'd prefer the former."

You couldn't help but smile. Had you honestly been that oblivious that you didn't know the woman whom you liked actually reciprocated your feelings and had been asking you out, whilst you unwittingly were turning her down.

"I'm so sorry Lena..."

"I get it," she sighed. "Sorry for pressing. I understand, you don't feel the same."

You shook your head. "Oh no... I like you Lena, I like you a lot, I am just oblivious to everything clearly. I would love to go for a drink with you, no one else, just you and me."

Her smile became wide. "Then it's a date."


Written by Charlotte.

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