chapter thirty-three ; flip or flop

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september. 2010

Mike slowly walked into the small dinner and looked all around. After a brief moment, he saw a middle aged blonde woman sitting at a table next to a window. He made his way toward her. She looked up and noticed him approaching her.

"Hello Mike." She said with a slight smile on her face. He exhaled and took a seat across from her.

"Why have you called me here, Ellen?" He retorted. He'd not seen her since before Dom's death. Since they were both employees of Dom they had a working relationship, but they had nothing to do with eachother outside of their work.

"I wanted to know what you're doing now." The woman answered. When Dom died, she basically lost her job. She was hoping that Mike would be involved in something that she would also be able to get involved with.

Mike sighed and pursed his lips. He never liked Ellen very much. He always viewed her as nothing more than a scam artist that simply wanted to make money by leeching off of other people.

"I'm retired." He stated. She immediately thought he was a lying but it was the truth. Mike was officially done with the drug business and he was ready to move on.

Ellen crossed her arms. "Alright, so what happened to Heisenberg?"

Mike was beginning to get frustrated. He could tell that she wasn't going to give up so he decided to simply tell her the truth.

"Heisenberg is working with Joe Keery now. I'm sure you've heard of him." The man stated. Ellen nodded. Joe was a rather notorious gangster in their county. Most people that lived a life of crime knew exactly who he was.

"Could you do me one favor? Set up a meeting so that I can talk to Heisenberg. I want a piece of the action and well, I think I could really help him." She asked.

Mike sighed and shrugged. He didn't have anything to lose so he decided that he would do as she asked.

"I'll do it. But after that, you're never gonna see me again."

Ellen smirked. "Deal."


A young man by the name of Jaeden Lieberher sat next to his lawyer, a guy named Bill Skarsgard. Across from them sat David Harbour and Robert Mayfield.

Jaeden was being investigated, as he was one of Dom's employees and he knew pretty much everything about the meth business. He'd not said anything yet since he was being paid by Mike to stay quiet, however he was thinking of taking a plea deal.

Essentially, the plea bargain stated that if Jaeden turned over information on Dom's meth business, the charges would be dropped and he most likely wouldn't have to serve any prison time. It was obviously a very good deal for him.

"Are you sure you want to answer their questions? You don't have to." Bill asked his client. Jaeden scoffed and rolled his eyes. He'd been in police custody for quite awhile and he simply wanted it all to be over.

David sighed at the two men bickering in front of him. "Do you know anything about Mike Coffman?"

Jaeden looked down at his hands to avoid everyone's gaze. It felt wrong to tattle on everyone even though that was his only chance of being able to step outside of prison again.

"He was involved... Uhm... In like everything."

David pursed his lips to hide the fact that he was smiling. They'd finally found a way to get some answers. It felt good after months of knowing nothing, they were connecting more pieces in the puzzle.

"I mean like... He... He killed people and stuff."

"Do you know anything else about him?" David questioned. Jaeden shrugged with an emotionless expression on his face. He had very mixed feelings about what he'd just done. It felt wrong.

"I'm done." The youngest man in the room stated.

With that, an officer escorted Jaeden back to the cell he was being kept in. However on the way there, Jaeden insisted on making a phone call. The officer obliged and allowed him to make his call in private.

It seemed like the phone was ringing for years when in reality it was only seconds. Even though he was in the room alone, he kept looking around just to make sure that nobody was watching him. Jaeden was an extroardinarily paranoid person.

"Why the hell are you calling me?" Mike scoffed a moment after answering his phone. He'd made it a point to all of the witnesses that they were never supposed to call him. It was too dangerous.

"I flipped on you." Jaeden whispered emotionlessly.

Mike's heart sunk and his stomach churned. He didn't get anxious very often but he was instantly scared out of his mind. When he first saw the call he assumed that Jaeden wanted more money to keep his mouth shut. It turned out to be much worse than he thought.

"Fuck you." Mike muttered as he flipped his cellphone shut and quickly shoved it into his pocket.

His mind was racing.

He had no idea what to do.

Fortunately, he had enough money to go wherever he wanted. So he immediately decided that it'd be best to get on a plane and get out of the country as fast as possible. He knew that the police would probably be surrounding his home in a matter of minutes.

While he ran up the stairs to his bedroom, he pulled out his phone and called Finn. He kept his fingers crossed as the phone rang, hoping that Finn would answer.

He rushed over to his nightstand and yanked open the top drawer. He grabbed his revolver and some ammo just in case he'd be needing it.

"Hello?" Finn said through the phone, slightly startling the older man.

"We got a problem. One of the witnesses flipped. As far as I know, they said nothing about you or Millie. Just me." Mike stated while continuing to grab some necessary items that he'd be needing.

Before Finn could respond, Mike started to speak again. "I need you to go to Sean's office and get a blue duffel bag he's been keeping for me. Just tell him that you're picking it up for me and he'll give it to you. Meet me at Ives' Forest just behind the Hopper Memorial."

Finn bit his lip and took a deep breath. This certainly wasn't the way he thought things would be going. He never thought Mike would have to runaway from everything. His mind was racing and it was becoming increasingly difficult to concentrate.

He had to focus on getting the bag to Mike. He knew he had to hurry or the consequences would be catastrophic.

* * * *

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