WEDDING DANCE (Recreation)

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"I'm really sorry, this had to be done,
But neither of us can help it, no one."

Seven years ago in the city of Maranao,
There's a couple named Lumnay and Awiyao.

Lumnay and Awiyao dreamt of a big family,
But they weren't blessed to have a baby,
So Lumnay herself decided to have her check up in the city,
Without informing Awiyao for her to arrive quickly.

By the help of the modern technologies' operation,
The Doctor found out that Lumnay's problem has a solution.

However, Awiyao thought that there's no way,
That's why he decided to file an annulment that day,
While Lumnay is preparing to tell him what she wants to say,
But instead of being excited, she became broken that day,
Seeing Awiyao proposing to Madulimay in a private way.

One night, Lumnay heard someone,
Telling her all his regrets he had done,
"I'm really sorry, this had to be done,
But neither of us can help it, no one."

Lumnay's mood was partly sullen,
When she was asked by Awiyao to join the other men,
To dance outside to be seen by many men,
That's why she told him to go back, she doesn't like any other men.

Awiyao thought that Lumnay was angry,
By not attending his wedding ceremony,
He explained that he did it for his need for a baby,
It bothers him that he will marry another lady,
That's why he confessed to her that he won't be happy,
To marry Madulimay though she will give him a baby,
Because his absolute love is for Lumnay only.

Awiyao feels that they still love each other,
That's why Awiyao wants them to leave together,
Where no one else can stop them and hinder,
But Lumnay refuses Awiyao's offer,
Because for her, Madulimay will not feel better,
But deep inside, she wants Awiyao to stay with her forever.

It pained Awiyao to leave Lumnay,
But she refused him that's why he still went to Madulimay,
Later on, Awiyao was followed by Lumnay,
She change her mind to stop Awiyao's wedding with Madulimay.
Finally, Awiyao was convinced by Lumnay,
After a week, they decided to marry in Tagaytay.

Lumnay was happy for being Awiyao's bride in their wedding,
Until she woke up realizing that she's just dreaming,
Regreting on keeping her secrets before Awiyao's wedding,
That they still have a chance to have a kid as their blessing,
But it's too late to show her love that's why she keeps on crying,
Blaming herself for not having the courage to stop his wedding,
So Lumnay ended up dreaming for their wedding.

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