Dear Wendy,

                       Truth be told, I've been seriously deprived of female contact. The only woman I've been around is my mum and I'm pretty sure she doesn't read books.  However, I did buy 'The Fault in Our Stars' and I started reading it last night. It all seems a bit cliché, doesn't it? Two kids with cancer who meet and fall in love? Surely there are better storylines out there!

    "Prince Luke" has a nice ring to it; even then you had a great taste in guys. No, really, that's cute. Unfortunately, I can't say that I wrote about princes and princesses, but you did make an appearance. If I remember correctly, I wrote that I wanted to be a fireman so that, if you were ever in a burning building, I could come and save you and we'd live happily ever after in a big house with lots of cars and a swimming pool. I had high hopes as a child.

        So what do you do nowadays? How's college? Did you get a job like you always said you would by the time you were sixteen? And how's your mum - tell her I said hey!

        Hope to hear from you soon,
                       The inquisitive fireman, Luke x

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