Chapter 7

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Huge chapter ahead! I hope you like it!

Aida POV

Argent is literally dragging me out the back exit of BetaStone and into the small wilderness beyond its borders.

I have dreamed of this day for as long as I have been here, being out amongst the wildlife I have envied and painstakingly observed.

I have waited for this day, so impatiently. Waited to be granted even  a little bit of freedom.

But not like this. Not being pulled along like a small, unwilling child. I'm scared. Im also excited. It's a huge thing for me, being free of the walls that have held my entire existence for eleven whole months.

The anxiety is brewing beneath the surface but I can keep it still for now. There is too much going on to let it take over just yet.

Bright lights blind me and I squint as soon as we are out from under the shade.

I forgot how bright actual sunlight is compared to the unkind fluorescents I have baked under all this time. I want to take it all in. I want to stop and literally smell the flowers! I want to feel the grass under my bare feet and experience a little of my joyous but most likely short lived freedom before I am inevitably forced into solitary for escaping.

Against my will I might add. Well, almost. If one is to be kidnapped it should be like this, by a beautiful boy with very questionable sanity and the hottest bod I have ever seen. Even through this shirt I can see he is built. I wonder what it's like underneath...

Back to nature Aida. Focus. You are being kidnapped remember?

I continue to be pulled along like a rag doll and we pass into the clearing just next to the old ruins of the former institution. There was a fire a few years back and the remnants are here, a scattered skeleton of building shell, broken into five or so pieces. Dr Jasper mentioned it once in a session, something about a few patients being trapped and perishing.


Argent has not said a word all this time. He has just dragged me after him like a parent on a mission pulling a toddler behind him. And I haven't resisted. Argent wears a stone like resolve in this moment and he looks a lot like the giant scary man that is his father, so much so that I don't even try to fight him.

What is going through his mind? He seems to be struggling with this decision to make a break for it  as much as I am. He seems concerned. Anxious. I know that feeling.

At last he slows his pace and starts to just walk holding my hand. Finally he stops and lets go.

Thank goodness. I'm small but I have zero fitness. That was the most exercise I have ever done.

My hand feels cold now he isn't holding it and I realise the sparks had been firing this entire journey and my hand feels numb from the after affects.
I instinctively put my hand to my chest, cradling it with my other hand.

He stops and turns to face me, placing one of his hands on each of my shoulders and staring deep into my eyes.

Grey. He has light grey eyes save for the small blue specks in the centre of his left eye. Weird. Just one eye. Wow. I mean, just wow. He is the most handsome person I have ever seen.

We stand like this, just staring at each other, for what feels like hours. But in reality it's been 10 minutes. I would happily stay like this all day.

Finally he closes his eyes and takes a deep breath.

"Aida" He starts and opens his eyes,  affirming our gaze once again.

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