♡To Be Happy♡

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You observed your reflection in the mirror, scanning your outfit. You wore a modest blue dress that ended at your knees. A sigh escaped your lips as you ran your hands over the material. Your wedding ring sparkled along with your hand movements, making you chuckle slightly.

A moment passed before the bedroom door opened, revealing your husband - Michael. Michael was your everything. The two of you had been married for twenty years, and had three beautiful children. Jade, seventeen; Rose, fifteen; and William - thirteen.

Your family was your greatest strength, and your greatest weakness.

"You look beautiful," Michael whispered, walking up to you and planting a kiss on your cheek. You giggled, turning around to face him.

"Thank you," you grinned. "You don't look too bad yourself,"

Michael chuckled, setting his hands on your waist. He looked into your eyes intently, a quality that you had always adored. Looking into his eyes always managed to keep you grounded.

At present moment, however, you were all going to have lunch with Michael's family at his family home in Gary, Indiana. The drive was going to be considerably long - but you didn't mind. What mattered was family.

A moment passed before you gave Michael a chaste kiss.

"Where are the kids?" you questioned softly.

"In the living room," he smiled. "Waiting for you,"

"Well, let's not keep them waiting any longer," you laughed gently. "Let's go,"


The drive to Michael's family home was merry. Jade and Rose sang their hearts out to the radio, and William groaned every now and then. Nevertheless, everyone was happy - and excited to finally be reunited with family.

As the car came to a stop outside of the house, the children all got out - running to Janet. You laughed as you and Michael got out of the car. Michael took your hand and the two of you walked up to the house, where Katherine greeted the two of you.

"My son!" she exclaimed, hugging him before pulling away to look at you. "(Y/N)! You seem to get more beautiful each time we see you," she smiled, kissing your cheek. You blushed and held onto Michael's arm shyly.

"Well, let's all go inside," Janet smiled. "The table's all set, so all we need to do is dig in," she winked.

Everyone laughed as you all walked into the house. Michael's brothers all cheered when they saw you, giving you a warm welcome.

"(Y/N)!" Jermaine exclaimed. "Is Michael feeding you properly, because you've lost weight," he teased.

"Shut up," you giggled, waving him off.

Everyone made their way to the table, and sat down. Prayers were said, and everybody began to dig in. Joseph cracked a few jokes here and there, and Katherine would chastise him.

Suddenly, the topic of school was brought up. How, and when, you didn't know - but it was brought up nevertheless.

"So, Jade, where do you plan to go to college?" Jackie questioned with a small smile.

You looked up at your daughter, only to see an uneasy look on her face. Michael seemed to notice this as well.

"Jade?" Michael frowned. "Honey, are you okay?"

Jade bit her lip, setting her fork down. She inhaled deeply before looking up at everyone.

"I don't want to go to college," she looked at Michael. His eyes widened, and so did yours. If there was anything that you knew, it was that Michael had planned for all of his children to go through college.

"What?" Michael looked at his daughter, dumbfounded.

"I don't want to go to college, dad. I've been meaning to tell you that for the longest time, but I didn't know how,"

"You're going to college, Jade. We agreed," Michael raised an eyebrow.

"No, dad. You agreed," she sighed. "I wasn't given a choice,"

"Perhaps we should have this conversation later," Randy interjected nervously.

"No," Michael stood up. "We're going to have this conversation now!"

"Michael!" you pulled his hand, standing up as well. "A word," you narrowed your eyes at him before pulling his hand - leading him out of the house.

Once the two of you were outside, you let out a breath.

"What was that all about?" you frowned. "You know that Jade doesn't want to go to college,"

"But I want her to,"

"I know," you brought your fingers to pinch the bridge of your nose. "But she's our daughter, and the last thing I want is for her to be unhappy,"

Michael chewed on his lip, processing your words. Several minutes passed before he sighed.

"You're right," he shook his head. "It's just that...I had her future all planned out,"

"I know," you moved closer to him. "But you've got to let her discover things on her own,"

Michael nodded before you gave him a soft kiss.

"Now let's go back in there and act like the outburst never happened,"


After lunch, Michael, you, and the children, all said your goodbyes before driving back. The ride back had been quiet, but it wasn't awkward.

At present moment, however - you were all inside the mansion, and Jade was in her room. Rose and William were playing on their phones, making you shake your head slightly.

You made your way to Jade's room, knocking at the door before entering. When you walked in, you saw Michael running his hands through her hair as she laid on his lap.

"Everything okay in here?" you questioned with a laugh.

"Everything is just perfect,"

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