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      A towering black foreboding figure seemed to glide down the dirt path towards a plump woman dressed from head to toe in pink, whom smelled of felines and cheap perfume. When she caught sight of the dark yet graceful figure, she straightened herself on the park bench and tried to look serene even though her heart was beating excitedly in her chest.

     He had warned her from the beginning he wasn't an appropriate suitor for her due to his station in life and is very different than anything she would ever expect. Even with the knowledge of his genetic makeup, she still came to meet him.

     When he had first laid eyes on her, he had fallen instantly in love. He had tried to ignore the attraction for he felt for her but eventually had to write to her and express his feelings. He's most attracted to her ability not to feel anything. There was only one other person who had that ability, and it had always been so calming to be in Lord Voldemort's presence.

     Most people would have run in fear of the figure, but she knew he was different and was not alarmed. He had slowly seduced her over the last few months with his letters of poetry, compliments, and his kind, supportive words. They had arrived at noon every Thursday and had been the highlight of the unpleasant women's week. The latest letter had been the first time he insisted they finally meet.

     To my cold soul's reason for continuing,

     I saw you through a window the other day; my insides froze in longing. Your dazzling radiance dampens out even the most world acclaimed beauties. The pinks that adorn your curves dims in comparison to the vibrancy of your smile. The smile that haunts me and beckons to me - begging me to taste the raw sugared sweetness of your kiss, to dive into your happiness.

     I know that the meeting of our lips would bring peace to us both, I need to meet with you, to finally taste you.

     We must meet. I won't be able to say much as your beauty is terrifying to my frozen soul. Please meet me on Friday night at Hyde Park at your usual sitting place just after sunset.


     She had read the letter over a hundred times since its arrival yesterday afternoon, and the ink was now smudged, the paper felt like cloth due to its constant handling. She had excitedly tucked it away just before seeing him gliding towards her.

     The figure moved to her side on the bench and looked into her eyes. She appeared to be entranced by him and the way the air pleasantly chilled around her always overheated body as he moved closer to her.

     "Lenny?" She smiled as warmly as her icy soul could muster.

     "Dee-lour-esss," he breathed out slowly. The two seemed to be pulled together as if by magnets.

     "I have wanted to meet you since the fourth letter you sent to me," she let off a high pitched giggle that sounded almost nervous but was just one of her "qualities."

     His long arms slowly pulled the non-resistant woman even closer as she continued smiling up at the hooded figure.

     Without another word, he pulled her into a long kiss. Her body began to shake violently as he, not happiness since she didn't have any, but something in her was feeding the dark-clad figure. When the two pulled apart she let off another high pitched giggle.

     "You were right..." she caressed the creatures face lovingly, "...my toes did tingle."

     The two laughed merrily together before she stood and offered her hand to him. He took it, and they strolled around the park, getting to know each other even more.


The second part of @book_love29 contest.

To be Continued...
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Last updated: Jun 18, 2019
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