Chapter 1

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Previously on Prologue

What will Sasuke do to make sure no harm will come to the girl he loves the most? Will he train hard enough to be strong to protect her? Will he abandon his goal of avenging his clan Massacre and be with her? Or is Avenging his clan is still his top priority until the end of time? And most importantly...

Will Uchiha Sasuke able to protect the girl he love and cherish the most... Or will he have to face another grief of losing the one he loves?

-Spending Time with Sasuke-


It's been 2 years since I got kidnapped. 2 years since Sasuke rescued me from them... and 2 years since I've left Konoha.

Sasuke kept me close to him. After his training session with Orochimaru, he will come to me. He always stay by me.... As if he's afraid that if he leave me, just for a day... I would disappear from his life.

Sasuke was such a cold person. But who knows, someone like would able to love me so much. It makes me feel happy, special... I never thought that someone would care for me as much as he did.

I'm currently sitting in the training ground as Sasuke is having a duel against Kabuto. I just sit there in silent, as Sasuke is training.

He's breathing heavily. Scratches and bruises is covering him from head to toe. I want to heal him, but he didn't let me. He didn't want more people to know about my ability. He knew they will come after me, after knowing my secret of having a rare ability.

I remember the day he told me to never show my ability in front of anyone. He was injured that day.


Sasuke return to the room we shared, badly injured. He wobbled a bit. Upon seeing his condition, I instantly stand up and went to him.

I place his arm around my shoulder, as I help him to the bed. I lay him down gently. I take out my Kunai and was about to cut myself. But a hand stops me, by grabbing my hand before I could bring the Kunai close to my hand.

"What's wrong, Sasuke?" I ask. "Don't use it..." He said. "But your injuries" I said, in a worry tone. He shakes his head "I'm okay... This is nothing... I could hardly feel any pain..." He said. But I just keep looking at him with worry in my face.

Sasuke lift his hand and place it on my cheek. "I don't want you to use it, because I'm really worried about you, baby..." He said. I just stay silent as I look at him.

"I don't want you to get hurt... If an amateur bandits like Phoenix is after you... Then more bandits would... And they would be far more powerful than them... I'm not strong enough at the moment... I'm worried that I won't be able to protect you, and keep you safe... It's really hard for me to imagine, if I have to live my life without the person I care the most... Which is you..." He said. He moves his hand, and place it behind my neck. He pulls me down so my face is leaning close to his and place a soft kiss on my lips. I close my eyes as I kiss him back.

In the end, I just take care of him until he fully recovered.

End of Flashback

I haven't been using my blood to heal any wound since then. I don't want to make Sasuke worry about me. He needs to focus on his goal and I don't want to get in his way.

Sasuke drop on the ground, breathing heavily right after Orochimaru call it a day. I stand up and run over to him. I place his head on my lap. He smiles softly at me. I smile and caress his hair. "You've done amazing today, Sasuke" I said. "Thank you, baby..." He said, grabbing my hand... Bringing it to his lips to place a soft kiss. I blush at his gesture. He chuckles at me. "You should have gotten used to it by now..." He said. I roll my eyes at him and performed a healing jutsu.

Knowing that I can't use my ability so much. I decided to learn healing ninjutsu... That's the only way for me to be able to help Sasuke after his training. I can't bare to see him hurt from time to time and I don't want to make him worry about me using my ability. So learning a healing jutsu is the only way. Slowly, I've start to master it. But I still need a lot of practice.

I continue to perform a healing jutsu on Sasuke. I smile as he slowly gets better and the scratches starts to close up. Sasuke let out a sigh as the pain starts to go away from his body. "Thanks, babe..." He said, smiling up at me.

"Can you stand?" I ask, still a bit worry. "Yeah, I think I can..." He said. Then he sit up, but he wince slightly. I place my hand on his arm to help him stand.

He stumbles a bit. But I caught him before he fell off. I wrap his ar around my shoulder. He smiles at me and place a soft kiss on my head. "Thank you for caring for me..." He said. I give him a soft smile. "Of course... You're my lover. My Boyfriend... Of course I would care for you" I said. Then I lead him to our shared room.

Once we get there. I lead him to the bed and lay him down slowly. "Do you need anything? Are you hungry?" I ask. He shakes his head. Then he spread his arms. "I don't want anything... I just want to cuddle with you..." He said. I smile at him. Then I lay down next to him, leaning my head against his chest. He wince slightly, which makes me frown.

I look up from his chest. "Please let me use it... I can't stand seeing you hurt, Sasuke..." I said. He shakes his head "no... I'll be okay... I don't want to risk anyone knowing about it, babe..." He said. "B-but..." He cuts me off. "I'll be fine" he said. I sigh and didn't argue with him. No matter how much I tried to convince him, he would never let me. I just lean my head against his chest. He tightens his hold around me.

"Let's get some sleep... I'm tired..." He said in a hush tone. I nod my head. "Okay..." I said back. I feel him placing another soft kiss on the side of my head. Then a soft snore coming from him which means he has fallen asleep. I smile as I close my eyes. Slowly, I drift off into a deep and peaceful slumber.

*to be continued*

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