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I was disoriented, but Natasha was passed out. No matter how hurt I was, I would force myself to keep her safe.

Steve pulled me up, and I held Natasha like a small child I we ran from the camp. S.H.I.E.L.D would be here soon. We had to move.

We made it to the car, and I laid Natasha in the back, " She's okay." I sighed, " Steve, what do we do?"

He was panting, " I have a friend in DC. We gotta get outside the city and walk from there."

I think he was in shock. I was shouting his name as he drove. He was bleeding pretty badly. He didn't answer me for an hour, and he finally slammed the brakes, taking us to the side of the road. He was crying. He held my hand, and just cried for a little while.

" They're going to kill you."

" No one is going to kill me." I said quietly, " No one."

" He's never failed a mission when he has a target. You're his target."

" He's dealing with me." I said, " I don't go down easily. You know that."

I wiped his face. Steve rarely gets shook up. Everyone has their breaking point, even him. " I'm going to protect you, I don't care who's coming for you, I'm not letting them near you."

" I know." I said, " We're stronger than they are. We've done it before. HYDRA is nothing. I wish we could call Tony or Bruce. We can't trust anyone."

" We took on the whole world at once. One government power should be nothing."


Nastasha finally woke up, and we walked 5 miles to a house in the city. We ran to the backdoor, Steve knocked frantically. The door swung open, and I see a very familiar man. Dark skinned with short hair a whispy mustache and beard. " Steve?"

" Everyone we know is trying to kill us." Natasha sighed.

" We need your help." Steve pleaded, " Please."

The man looked at us, " Come on."

We all piled inside, locking the door behind us. " Thank you," I said, " Thank you."

" It's no problem, Marilyn." The man said.

" You know me?"

He nodded, " I'm Sam Wilson, I work at the VA, you're in to visit Peggy all the time. You're kind of famous anyways."

Sam was a name I knew. He would smile at me when I was leaving the VA, and he gave speeches to veterans with PTSD. " You all look terrible." Sam sighed, " I, uh, only have one bathroom."

" You go first." Steve said to me, " You're, um..."

I touched my forehead, feeling it slick with blood, lots of it. My clothes were stained with dirt and blood. " I can go to your apartment and grab clothes." Sam said.

" Be careful." Steve said, " We don't know who's watching."

Sam nodded, "  I will. You know I'm more than capable."

He grabbed his car keys, and rushed out the door. I walked into his bathroom, jumping at the sight of myself. The explosion had nearly knocked me out. Apart from the scratches and dirt, a large cut went back into my hairline, and blood had apparently came from my ears, since it was dried now. That was probably where the ringing was from. I showered quickly, watching the rust colored water drain. My head wound was still bleeding, but I took lots of paper towels, and held it. It would heal soon enough.

Someone had left a change of clothes, clearly Sam's, since they were very clean. I sat on the couch, holding my wound, finally slowing my heart rate. Adrenaline had gotten ride of any pain I felt. I sat in silence for around 15 minutes, my brother finally sitting down, his wet hair sticking to his forehead. He a little banged up, but nothing like I was. " S.H.I.E.L.D is officially after us, huh?" I sighed.

He nodded, " We've had worse."

" Half of Europe." I forced myself to laugh, " I guess we're a little understaffed this time."

I pulled the towels from my head, so much blood was soaking them. " Jesus." Steve said, standing to go through the cabinets.

He eventually found a first aid kit, pulling out a gauze, rubbing alcohol and bandage. I winced as he cleaned it, but didn't say a word as he took his time, finally placing the bandage over it. " Should be alright soon."

" Thanks, Doctor Rodgers." I smiled.

" You can never stop stressing me out." He sighed.

" It's a give and take."

" We need a game plan." Steve said, " I don't a bigger target on you. Jasper Sitwell, the man we rescued on the last mission, he's with Pierce."

" You need to tell me everything, now. I'm still in the dark."

" The hostage ship was a hoax. It was staged. Pierce killed Fury. Project Insight was only created to scare the world, make them helpless. You learned with me, its HYDRA."

" This whole time, Rumlow, Pierce, all my work friends were the people I was killing decades ago?"

He nodded, " The people that took our lives from us created the people that were our lives. I should have seen the red flags sooner. Fury was right to keep us in the dark. If we got the Avengers on this... the world would be in panic."

The door opened as he said that, Sam throwing two backpacks next to us, " I found guns in your apartment. Figured those would help too."

" Thank you." I smiled.

" Fill me in." Sam said, " Before I start doing stupid shit."

" The people we fought 70 years ago wanna take over the world again."

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