weird ii/bfb headcanons i have shut up

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-paintbrush is 60% percent noodle legs

-theyre also a tall ass hoe

-lightbulb acts high all the time

-fan jumps from one fandom to another and obsesses over them for 3 months or more

-balloon has super deep thoughts

-nickel watches terrible movies with his friends just to criticize it

-fan only write smut

-paintbrush could kick ur ass in 2 seconds holy fuck


-tree can sing

-pen genuinely enjoys the emoji movie

-theyre all gay no exceptions

-firey jr is the embodiment of an teen going through the emo phase 

-balloony is a twink dont ask

-flower is hella insecure about her looks

-leafy tries her best to be nice but ends up failing 99% of the time

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