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Dear End-time,

You recently requested my assistance at Gate No. 7, near Proxima Centauri B.

From my understanding, the lizardman of Parallel World C, the Babylonian Brotherhood, have sent hostile messages to the dragons on our reality's Proxima Centauri B, the Centennial Council, who then submitted this request for End-time's aide.

While I understand it's our foremost duty to maintain intergalactic and interdimensional balance in our many-faced cosmos, I'm guilty of the folly of wanting to protect my own race from the upcoming collision of E'Ruin and Earth.

Because of this, I hope you understand why I'm remaining in the Wizardhood, at least for now.

You see, I'm far too close to developing a device that could help us find the Bit Bridge—a device that could help us, at last, to decode what materials and algorithms are needed to connect our QuantaNet to the Earthian Net (or the Earthian QuantaNet, should they develop such technology in time)—so abandoning my research, in the name of protecting an obscure dragon race, is simply out of the question.

However, I don't want to completely neglect my duties...

This is why I've forwarded Proxima Centauri B's request for aide to Malai'sunin, the best Ender that I know. I'm aware that End-time is hesitant to assign missions to her, given her temper; and ironically, this is also why I assumed she would be available to complete this task.

Again, I will stress—I'm aware of End-time's hesitance. Honestly though, don't you agree Malai'sunin is a better fit for Proxima Centauri B's request, whether or not I could step up to the task? And I don't mind being the one to bark up the thorny tree.

Lady Malai can be mad at me later.


Lorelai, Lady of Cyberspace 3.37


Author's Note

Would you like to read about how the Babylonian Brotherhood are invading Earth?

Fortunately, another one of my Wattpad projects, American Catseye, explores this storyline in depth!

However!—a disclaimer: American Catseye is a political parody, as well as an epic cat poem, so it's a different than Emergence No. 7, to say the least.

First & second drafts: September 18

Word count: first 387 / second 412

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