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          The bright afternoon sun made for a warm summer's day

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     The bright afternoon sun made for a warm summer's day. With a new semester having started, there were students flooding the campus from every angle. The burning heat caused for shorts and a T-shirt from Catalina's part. She loved the summer, but fall would always have to be her favourite season. Catalina stared at her phone, walking towards the bus stop as her classes had ended for the day and she was hoping to race home and watch her favourite show. Distracted and engrossed by Andrea's new picture, she leaned against the bus stop's post, preparing to write a comment after she'd double tapped the photo.

     Cheerfully, she typed away, smile on her face as she ran a hand through her short hair. Suddenly, she felt a pair of hands land on her shoulders harshly, causing her to yelp and nearly drop her phone.

     "Hey!" Daniel laughed as Catalina turned about to face him.

     Slapping his arm, she laughed the fear off. "What the hell, Dan? You nearly killed me."

     "It was my idea!" Madeline popped out from behind the boy, sly smile on her lips. "I wanted to see your face."

     "And are you satisfied?" She crossed her arms over her chest, pouting.

     Madeline grinned, nodding her head quickly. "Very," she sung, hugging her books to her chest.

     "So, Drea told us that you made Jae smile, what's up with that?" Daniel smirked, winking at the redhead.

     "I made a stupid joke and he liked it," she shrugged, "that's all."

     "Isn't he cute?" Madeline wrapped her arm around Catalina's, gushing.

     Catalina rolled her eyes, shaking her head as she did so. "Sure, if you say so."

     "What? He's cute! I mean he needs help smiling but you're doing great so far!"

     Sighing, Catalina looked down at her phone.

     "No, no, no, no, no." Daniel took her phone from her hands. "You're gonna tell us what he said after you joked."

     She raised an eyebrow, looking between both of them. "Why?" She scoffed.

     Madeline looked at Daniel and grinned. "Because Danny here said that he has no friends and he never smiles."

     "He laughed and I bid him goodbye. That's all that happened."

     "Shit! Ain't that Jae?" Daniel peaked over Catalina's shoulder.

     Catalina turned immediately and looked around. "Whe—oh, I know what you're doing!" She stomped her foot. "It's not funny. Literally, nothing happened, stop—"

     "Catalina? Was it?"

     Turning towards the voice, she gave a smile. "Heeey." She waved.

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