Missing Scene 2

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"Tony!" Happy shouted, his voice slightly panicked. It was enough to make Tony put his StarkPad down and listen to the other man on the phone.


Happy let out a sigh, "The kid is the one that stopped the hijacking."

There was a long pause as Tony sucked in a ragged breath, his mind struggling to process what he was just told. "What kid? Our kid - Spider-Kid?"

"Yeah..." Happy explained, "But that's not all..."

The genius was nearly suffocating in the silence that followed, his driver already turned around and headed towards the beach. "Out with it, Happy! What else is there?"

"Peter's dead, Tony."


"One of the Vulture's buddies came and shot him. He was dead before I got here."

In almost mere seconds, Tony was at the crash site and staring at the lifeless body of a young hero that wanted nothing more than to help others.

"You could have prevented this."

Tony's head snapped up to see May Parker standing next to him, her face pale and skinner than he remembered.

"You knew he wouldn't stop this, but you still took his suit away. Why would you do that?"

The male swallowed thickly. He knew it was true. It was his fault that Peter is dead now... All because he got a little angry.

"You might as well have killed him yourself."


Tony jerked awake, his breathing hard as he glanced around his workshop. How long had he slept? His body felt heavy and sluggish as it normally did after he slept for what seemed like ages. Or like how it normally felt after a dream like that...


He stood up as he checked his phone. He didn't have any alerts from the doctor, did that mean Peter was still unconscious? That couldn't have been a good thing... Tony had left the room three hours ago, meaning he'd been unconscious for seven hours. That wasn't healthy at all.

Tony quickly started walking to the med-bay, his heart pounding in his chest as his footsteps echoed through the empty halls. What would happen to Peter if he stayed under for so long? What would his aunt think if her nephew never woke up again? It would be all Tony's fault because he's the idiot that took away the kid's suit.

When he reached the med-bay, his hammering heart almost pounded out his chest. Peter's room was empty. There was no Peter here. Peter was not in the bed in his room. His bed was empty and his room was empty and Peter was missing.

Where was Peter?

"Doctor!" Tony turned on his heel to search for Peter's doctor, wanting the answer to his quest of finding Peter.

"Yes, Mr. Stark?" She appeared out of another room behind Tony, that calm smile always in place.

"Where's Peter?"

"He left two hours ago, he should be home by now."

The man's eyebrow twitched as he closed his eyes in annoyance, taking a deep breath in. "I thought I told you to alert me when he woke up?"

She nodded, "You did, but he asked that I didn't. Peter seemed very panicked and worried when I mentioned you or Mr. Hogan, so I had Mr. Smith take him home."

Tony let out a sigh... This should have been expected. The kid probably remembered what he said on the rollercoaster and didn't want to face up to it. Running away from his problems and hoping they go away, Tony knew it well.

"I also gave him one of Miss Potts' old shirts," She said, "I thought it would be better for him to go home in that than in what was left of his suit."

Tony chuckled a bit and nodded as he left the medical area, heading to the roof.

He was -whether Tony liked it or not- the adult here, and had to face the music at some point even if Peter didn't want to. Ugh, this was all such a big mess that Tony wished he could just ignore and hope it'll go away. But he knew better than that... Peter deserved better than that.

His suit wrapped around him as he walked across the roof, soon lifting him into the air and letting him jet across to Queens.

What would he even say to him? Did Peter even remember what Tony said while they were at the rollercoaster? What if Peter was still mad and wouldn't listen to him? No... Peter may have been angry at him, but he wouldn't turn him away. The boy was too polite for his own good. But he did yell at Tony twice within the month... But he didn't think that Tony was really there the first time, and he was out of it the second time.

So many questions filled Tony's mind as he flew to Queens, letting out an aggravated sigh. He knew that he'd probably forget everything he was practicing to say as soon as he faced off with the boy, so that was going to be great. Just lovely.

In no time, sooner than he'd like, he was floating outside of Peter's apartment. His faceplate lifted up as he looked at the small apartment that Peter stayed in, a light in the living room just turning off. He saw movement in Peter's room (the boy never closed his curtains) as he went to faceplant onto his bottom bunk. A groan left him as he instantly sat up and wrapped an arm around his side. Tony felt a stab of guilt in his heart at watching Peter still in pain from his fight with the Vulture. If he had his suit this wouldn't have happened...

Peter slowly lowered himself down onto his bed again, carefully avoiding all his injuries as he seemed to fall asleep instantly.

Tony watched him for a while, his mind running over so many things about Peter (especially that he was small enough to fit into Pepper's old 'Are you positive?' shirt and how ridiculously hilarious that was to him). He looked so young when he slept, his hair messed up and starting to curl.

A small smile graced his face as he looked down through the window. The boy must have been exhausted if he hadn't noticed Tony watching him by now. Though he couldn't really blame Peter, it had been a long day... And Tony would feel horrible if he was the reason the kid didn't get enough sleep; so he did what any good adult would do and flew back to the compound.

Tony would give Peter more time. Time to think of what they could say to each other and let Peter relax and recuperate. And while Tony waited, he would finish up the Iron Spider suit for him then present it to Peter with a reward that was long overdue...

Peter would make a very good Avenger.

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