[14] Don't Say Goodbye

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Bella nervously tapped her pen against the desk

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Bella nervously tapped her pen against the desk. It was the period after lunch and she felt sick to her stomach. Perhaps she ate some bad food, or perhaps it was her worry for Amelia.

"Are you okay?" Edward leaned over to ask.

Bella shook her head, "It feels like my stomach is tumbling around."

"Maybe-" Edward was cut off by a ring of the teachers phone.

"Hello? Yes. Yes. Bella Swan? Of course. I'll tell her." Their teacher hung up the phone and looked at Bella. So did the whole class. "Miss Swan, you are being dismissed, take your stuff please."

Bella frowned, dismissed? She wasn't supposed to get dismissed. She gathered her stuff anyways, and exited the classroom with nerves flowing from head to toe.

The hallways were deserted and quiet, giving her time to think over the possibilities. Did Amelia want her to come home and comfort her? Had something happened to her mom?

She came to realize none of these were the answer as she reached the office building, her dad turning around with red eyes and a quivering mustache. "We have to go to the hospital Bells, it's Amelia."

Bella stood in the doorway as Amelia smiled at her father.

"I'm sorry I didn't come to visit more often, Dad." She winced, and Charlie stood up as if to call a doctor, "Don't, I just got a foot cramp." She laughed, despite the tears in her stomach and fading light in her eyes.

"It's not your fault you didn't come to visit." Charlie grasper her hand, "It isn't anybody's fault."

Amelia nodded, "You should leave, dad."

Charlie shook his head, and opened his mouth to object, but was cut off by Amelia, "Please. No parent should see their child die."

A silence rang through the room at that. Amelia saying the words seemed to make them real. "Go, call mom. Don't have your last image of me be this," she gestured at the heart monitor she was hooked up to, and the nightgown. "Please, Daddy."

He said nothing for a moment, blinking back the tears for his daughters sake. "I love you, Lia." He bent down to kiss her forehead. He turned around and walked out of the room, turning his head away from Bella so she wouldn't see the tears running down his face steadily.

"Bella," Amelia smiled at her sister. "Come hold my hand." She reached out, beckoning Bella to walk closer and take it, sitting on the chair as she did so. "I'm having...a rough day."

Bella couldn't bring herself to laugh, despite Amelia's slight giggle. "How did this happen?"

Amelia instantly deflated. "I fell asleep, Bella. After Jasper brought me home, I cried myself to sleep, so I could say goodbye to Peter."

Bella frowned, "You aren't making any sense."

Amelia continued despite her sister's confusion. "I gave myself up so Peter would have more time. I hope I helped Bells. Otherwise, it was for nothing."

She squeezed Bella's hand tighter. "Can I tell you a secret Bella?"

Bella nodded, her chest constricting.

"I told dad that I wasn't scared, that I'm okay. But Bella," she seemed to be about to burst with every word, her tears filling her eyes, only falling with her next few words. "I'm so scared, Bella. I'm afraid Bella, I'm so afraid. I don't want this to be the end." Amelia was fully sobbing, her head facing her laps as her tears fell from her face.  "But it is the end. Of me."

Bella shook her head rapidly, using her free hand to wipe away her tears. "It's okay to be afraid. You are so brave Amelia, you are."

Amelia looked up at her sister, her lip quivering "G-goodb-" she collapsed into another fit of sobs.

"Don't day that," Bella interjected. "Remember what you always told me?"

Amelia shook her head, "N-No."

Bella smiled down at her sister. ""Never say goodbye because saying goodbye means going away, and going away means forgetting."

Amelia smiled a false smile, "Peter said that. In the book about him."

Bella nodded, "He's right. Don't say goodbye, Amelia. You aren't going away for long."

Amelia nodded, "Love you, Bella. Don't forget that." She gave her sister's hand one last squeeze.

She watched as her sister left the room, her shoulders moving up and down with her labored breaths, and whispered, "Goodbye."

DO NOT WORRY! THIS IS NOT the END, duh! Jasper and Amelia haven't even gotten together!

sorry for not updating in so long, things have been crazy lately.

i understand if you are mad for me taking so long, i would be too. thanks for understanding and i hope you 'enjoy' this chapter.

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