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Sapphira and Ignis watched as Ardyn sauntered away with his usual creepy smile. The advisor dispelled his blade and faced the girl behind him. "Are you alright?"

"I'm fine, but my jaw hurts." Sapphira rubs a few fingers along where Ardyn had grabbed her.

Ignis grabbed her hand and pulled it away from her face to assess the damage. "It appears you have red marks along your jaw."

"Once this 'Disc' nonsense is over with, we cut all ties with this man," Sapphira hisses.


The two headed back to the caravan. Ardyn was nowhere in sight as they entered their abode for the remainder of the day. The moment Prompto saw Sapphira, he grabbed her hand and dragged her to the convenience store. With room left for dessert, the blonde bought a pint of ice cream for the two of them to share. The girl eyed the frozen goodie closely, raising it above her head slightly. She read the flavor and her sapphire eyes lit up. "You got cookie dough!"

"I know how much you love cookies and know you'll love this flavor," Prompto smiles.

"I've never had cookie dough before."

"Wait, seriously? You didn't try a piece when you baked your own cookies?"

"No. The package always says to not eat it raw."

"You are missing out!"

Prompto and Sapphira sat at the table beside the caravan door. The boy handed Sapphira a plastic spoon as soon as he popped the lid off the ice cream. He nudged it towards the girl, wanting her to be the first to taste it. As she dug her spoon into the frozen dessert, a childish excitement grew in her chest. With a spoonful of cookie dough ice cream, Sapphira placed the plasticware in her mouth and took a bite. Her eyes lit up even brighter as the taste made her want to fall out of her chair. Refraining from acting much more childish, she smiled from ear to ear as she bit down into a chunk of cookie dough.

Prompto's own smile came forth when he saw how happy she was with a simple spoonful of ice cream. As the duo shared the delectable goodie, the shutterbug spotted the red marks along Sapphira's face. He placed his spoon down and wondered what caused the prominent marks. "I didn't see those red marks on your face when you returned. What caused them?"

"Oh, it's-"

The sound of yelling came from inside the caravan, silencing the Descendant. Prompto's and Sapphira's eyes darted to the window just above the table as the shouting escalated. It was muffled, but they knew it was Noctis and Gladio behind the thunderous noises.

After a few seconds of silence slipping between all the yelling, the door to the caravan flew open and Noctis stomped down the mini metal staircase. The fuming prince didn't even glance their way as he walked away from the caravan and to a secluded spot close to the road. He slumped against a small stone barricade and sunk to the ground. He pulled up one knee and rested his arm on top of it.

Sapphira stood up and patted Prompto on the shoulder before checking up on Noctis. She knew she was the last person he wanted to see, but she wanted to know what was the yelling all about. Noctis wasn't aware of her until she gently called out to him. "Noctis, are you alright?"

Refusing to meet her concerned gaze, Noctis stared at the ground. "Why do you care?"

His words tore at her heart. She placed a hand over the phantom pain and remained calm. "Whether you hate me doesn't change the fact that I care about you. You may be the future king, but you're my friend before any fancy title."

Noctis was joyous at her reply, but the anger blinded him. "Whatever."

Sapphira refused to let the conversation end this way. Remembering Gladio's words, she stood her ground and decided to be selfish for once. "Don't 'whatever' me! You deserve to be angry and I deserve to care about you! I choose to be by your side because I know your father is in a safe place where no one can get to him! I will not stand here and let you ignore me completely as if I'm just a burden to you and this group! While I may have kept His Majesty a secret for you, I will respect his wish of seeing you safely escorted to Altissia. The day you left, I promised to keep your father safe while you were gone and I kept that promise even when Regis ordered me to let him walk to his death. And now, I will uphold my promise to your father. If you don't like my decision, you're stuck with me either way."

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