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Harry's P.O.V

The pain I seen in Iris' eyes was explainable, I could tell how much Johnny meant to her. I wanted to just punch the door down and get Johnny, but I couldn't. I wanted to see her smile and to see him in her arms, but I am foolish and couldn't make that happen. Once we get in the car, the thought that I am back in Holmes Chapel hits me. I love it here, nothing is like my hometown; I've seen the world and something about here just feels right. I feel like the person I was before the world seen me as a 'womanizer'. I want to go back and relive that, and enjoy every second of it. I love making music that hasn't changed, but when my own cousins, my own flesh and blood ruined fame for me, it lost a spark. Here I am right now driving in the same streets I used to crawl on. I shift my head to the left and I see it, my mother's house. I would love to go down but I know Iris is hurting and wouldn't want to bother her. At this point I don't even know how to help her. I ask her waiting to get a no, but it comes to my surprise when she nods her head.

I go down feeling my heart beat really fast, I'm not nervous just excited to see my mother. Once she opens the door, I see a smile grow on her face. I feel a bit emotional at that moment, I wish I didn't have to leave her. 

"Harry who's your friend?" She smiles once her eyes meet Iris. 

"Mom this is Iris, Iris this is my mother Anne", I say introducing them. 

"Nice to meet you", She says shaking her hand. 

"You as well. Oh lord you're so beautiful", My mother says. 

"That goes back to you", Iris says. 

I'm quite shocked, she never does that. She's kind of in a bad mood to, so it's even more surprising. I am still able to pin point that she is in mental pain though. I felt happy she was enjoying my mother's company. Of course my happiness isn't able to last long, I hear his nasty voice ring in my ears. Why is he even here?

"Oh and he brought another girl home", He says boiling my blood. 

I feel like punching him right in that nasty jaw. It took me quite awhile to convince Iris I wasn't like that then, here this jerk is ruining it for me. In less than a few seconds his hands are on Iris. It bothers me, I hate it, the thought kills me. That freaking low life, I just want to understand why he is here. 

"Jack leave!" I shout not able to contain my anger. 

"Harry love come here", My mom says motioning her hand to indicate for me to follow her. 

As soon as she closes the door, I snap. I can't believe it, if I didn't come I would've never knew they we're here. My own damn mother invited these back stabbers over. Not just one of them, but the two Jack and Oscar. It doesn't stop there, they we're the worst two and in fact the only two that spread the rumors. 

"Mom why the bloody hell are they here?" I spit. 

"Harry he said he wanted to come speak to me", My mom answers. 

"Yeah right", I reply. 

"Harry I would never side with them, I'm not your father", She says with her hands on her hips. 

"Mom get them out of here", I say through my teeth. 

"Ok fine but act normal since we have a guest", She explains. 

"That's what concerns me, she wouldn't care but whatever", I shrug. 

I make my way out waiting for my mother to tell them to exist. If she kindly tells them to leave and they don't I will, 'kindly'. I wonder how awkward it must be for Iris right now.

"So Harry you taking her back to her house later tonight", He smirks. 

"Shut you damn mouth you fool!" She screams. 

"I hope you know what a nasty man you are. It's so clear how jealous you are, and he does seem a bit better than you", She says crossing her hands. 

I can't help but let out a smirk, the words she said meant a lot. I'm not sure she is noticing how kind that was, knowing her she didn't. 

"Me jealous? Of what?" He asks. 

"He's richer than you'd ever be and you seem to be stressing on the fact that he gets plenty of girls", She answers. 

"Yeah I get girls who are normal he gets girls like you", He laughs. 

"Um well he didn't get me, but he can get any type of girl he wants", She shrugs. 

I'm just sitting back and relaxing while she argues for me. I never thought the day Iris would do this for me would ever happen anytime soon. I know I will change her, but I didn't think it would be this soon. 

"He can get a dummy from the club or a fan girl from a concert", He says doing his jerky laugh.

"You do notice your laughing at your joke right?" She says furrowing her eyebrows. 

"You're pretty find someone better", He says winking. 

"I'm not his girlfriend, and if that wink meant that it was you, you're very wrong", She spits. 

"Jack you're a dummy! Stop! Give me a list of 3 girls I've brought or dated", I reply. 

"Her", He says pointing to Iris. 

"I have a name you idiot", She answers. 

"I don't care", He answers. 

It was the second after the words left his mouth I knew he messed up. 

"Listen up! One more word I hear out of your mouth that I dislike and you will not like what I am going to do. You're nothing but a jealous idiot you couldn't even name a girl besides me he has brought home. Idiots like you piss me off!" She screams. 

"I'm not scared of you, you're like 5"2 and a girl", He says with a ugly smirk. 

"Get out", She says calmly. 

"It's not your house", He argues. 

"You're right if it was my house your ugly face wouldn't be in it", She answers yanking his arm, kicking him, and placing him outside the door. 

I am shocked, but I've seen her do that before. I wonder if she took some type of class growing up. She takes a glance at Oscar, a devilish one. 

"You want to be next?" She asks. 

He doesn't reply, but walks out of the house. 

I mean compared to the rest of the human population Iris is kind to me, just a little bit. I know she did that to help me, and stand up for me. I would love to stand up for her, but she's so odd like one second she wants to help me and all then, the other she is saying she doesn't want me in her life. That girl flips my head around. 

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