What used to be

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You were all of me
You stole what I used to be
And made me whole
Made me you
I was malleable, stewing in my own vulnerability and you molded me.

How did it feel playing God?
The creator
Leave behind the damage,
That's all god ever did;
Build a paradise and leave it to ruins
By my destructive hands

Honey, I tried
I tried to call you
Yes I'm okay
Yes I'm okay
For now at least
It's not even dark
My skirt isn't even short

Teach me to fear the world
And watch that fear consume me?
Watch the world corrupt itself until it crumbles apart
Into the ashes from whence it once came

You were god to me.

The world then became liquid, melting right before my eyes; until nothing was identifiable. The mirrors slip through my fingers.

I was your baby
Clammy hands, soft touch
But it's not real unless you dream it, no one would touch.
No one would love
No one could love
No one will love

Does it matter?

Can't miss something you've never tasted

So what's the matter, darling?

The days are always too short
With your eyes closed
Tinged orange of a burning fire
Of the sun
Of the dying embers

Empty, because he's gone
Brighter, because I'm back

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