Body swap?!

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~Connor's POV~

Urgh why does everything feel so weird
"I r-really don't know what happened but I'm scared" I heard someone say
"...the fuck..."  my eyes widen as I realise, that's not my voice!
I looked beside me in my bed to see.... Me?

I fell asleep next to Evan last night which means....
"Evan, what the fuck!?" I yelled sitting up in the bed.
"I don't know!" I could tell he was about to cry so I got up to comfort him. Instead I found myself comforting the ground
"Your so small!" I said annoyed, my feet use to easily touch the ground when getting out of bed
"Your so tall!" His breathing started to get fast and he still looked like he was gonna cry.

I got up off the ground and hugged him, he hugged back letting a few tears drop.
"W-Well at least My mum k-knows your here so m-maybe we could ask for h-help?" Evan said looking down at me.

Evan was looking down at me.

"Nah, no offense but there's really nothing she can do" I said
"Y-You realise its Monday, we're going to have to go to s-school"
Oh great.
"We'll have to stay together than, and even through I'm in your body I'm wearing what I want"

Evan was- well technically my body was already wearing a black hoodie and some black pants.
"You got changed?" I asked blushing a little
"N-no you fell asleep like this, remember?"
"oh" I said, Evan didn't get changed in my body. Is that good or bad?

Since Evan is responsible he got changed into pajamas at night, so I was- or Evans body was wearing a black tank top and boxers. 
"I'll just put on pants and leave the top," I said,
"B-but I would never wear t-that, people w-wil get suspicious" I groaned
"Welp, to bad so sad" he glared at me

"L-Let's just go down and see i-if my Mum n-notices" Evan said. We walked down the stairs, both of us going really slow because we weren't use to are body's.

"Hi boys!" We both sat down and Heldi slid plates full of food across the table. She then sat down looking up at us for the first time. "Oh, Connor are you ok?" She said
"Y-yeah" He looked at me to say something
"Oh Ev-Connor just has bad hay fever" I said, he's face was red and puffy from crying before.

When I say 'Evan sat down' I mean Connor's body but Evan. Vice versa.

We ate in silence most of the meal but Evan tried to start conversations.
"So do you have any t-test at s-school today?" Evan asked,
"No, but you have a history test, remember?" I had a history test today that Evan now needed to do.
"Oh well y-your lucky you have n-nothing" I recognized he was hinting I didn't have to do any of his test.

"Are you guys alright?" Asked Heldi her eyes going between us.
"Y-yeah" Evan started
"Yep." I said
She looked between us again and then stood up.
"I'm sorry Connor but can I speak to Evan quickly" it took me a second to revise she meant me.
Oh no.

We walked into another room and she turned to glare at me.
"What's up with you two?" She asked looking into my soul
"N-nothing I told you" I accidentally stuttered but hopefully that makes me seem more like Evan. For a couple seconds we just looked each other in the eye before she gasped and put her hands on both my shoulders.

"Did you two have sex?" She asked in a monotone voice
"What?!" I squeak, I guess Evans voice cracks easier than mine "Were not even together!"
"So? You know teenage hormones, there don't care!" I was blushing intensely now when I got an idea.
"Fine, yeah we had sex."

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