Greetings. This chapter isn't really about Niall, it's more about Taya. But the next one will have Niall. The song is 'Turning Tables' by Adele. The lyrics don't go with the chapter at all, but I was listening to it while I was writing it and the music goes well with the chapter. Well, that's what I think.

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My bags were packed, I was dressed and my hair looked...decent. I was leaving London today. I don't know if I'm sad or happy to leave, but I'm glad I came. Think about it. If I was still locked away in my Dublin flat, I would be on the computer 24/7, trying to clear up rumors, or staring at my giant Niall poster. 

                I hopped on the subway, and sat alone as I travelled from Victoria to Hamersmith. Sian had to start work again today, so she said her goodbyes early this morning. I picked up one of the newspapers that they always seem to having around here. I started reading some column about finance. I swear I was slowly dying of boredom, so I fliped the pages a few times. 

                 I reached the entertainment section. There was an article that caught my eye, but lately, almost every type of reading material I flick through has something that catches my gaze. It's either about Niall and I or that my favourite band 'The Killers' are touring the UK and Ireland. The article was on 'One Direction', obviously. It was titled 'One Direction's Up All Night Tour sells out in 2 minutes!'. 

                 I have tickets for that. VIP tickets. I read through the article. The journalist talked about how thousands of girls missed out on tickets. I felt bad. There were thousands of girls out there, more devoted to the boys than I am, that missed out.        I don't deserve to be there. I can't even remember the other four's names! Maybe I should-

                 "NOW ARRIVING AT, HAMMERSMITH." the recorded voice boomed through the train and interrupted my chain of thought.

                 I threw the newspaper onto an empty seat and waited for the train to come to a stop.

                 The platform I was waiting at, wasn't underground. It was in broad daylight. It was sunny, for a change. This was the platform where those girls asked for a photo. That seamed like an eternity ago, but it had only been a week.

                Out of the blue, a group of three teenage girls approached me. Here we go again. I turned away and rolled my eyes so they couldn't see. I didn't want any One Direction fans thinking I was rude. Then they would just hate me even more.

                 "Erm, sorry to bother, but are you Taya Oakley?" The one in the middle asked.

                 It always started like that. I nodded.

                 "Just wanted to know if you and Niall are dating. Are the rumors true?" the same girl asked

                 This was new.

                 "Oh, ah, no. We're not." I reply a little to quickly

                 "Good. Because you don't deserve him. And you're really not that pretty. I cant see a reason for Niall to like you." she replied in a nasally voice.

                 I looked around. A few people were watching. You know, I don't mind the bullshit I get on twitter. But when a fan says these things to my face, it's a whole new level.

                 I'm not one of those girls who get called a bitch and then start a cat-fight with the girl that insulted them, I'm more of a sook. I searched for a bathroom sign. I heard the sound of an approaching train, but I decided to catch the next one. I grabbed my bag and paced forward, leaving the jealous girls behind me.

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