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"I love sweets things, hyung." Jimin says, tilting his head at such an out-of-the-blue statement.
"How come you don't love yourself, then?" Namjoon asks, and the silence goes thick.
Jimin stares for a few moments, his cheeks flushed a pretty colour.
"I don't know," He whispers after a while, his pout making his tone high-pitched.
"Exactly. Want to know why I love someone?"
"Hmm?" Jimin hums, playing with his fingers.
"I don't know."

Jimin looked up at him, shrugging.
"How can I help?"
"Maybe you can pretend to be the person I love, and I can practice confessing. That OK?""
"Uh... Sure." Jimin agrees, sitting up.
"'Kay. How do you think I should start?"
"Uh... Maybe ask how they're doing? Or maybe go straight into it?"

A few seconds of silence.
"I love you, Jimin-ah,"
"Is their name Jimin?" Jimin asks.
"Yes. I love you, Jimin,"
Jimin's face flushed.
"I- I just realised I have something I need to do, Namjoon. I can help tomorrow," Jimin says quickly, getting up.
"Wait! Don't." Namjoon says, taking Jimin by the wrist and looking into his hazel eyes.
"Help me, and I'll help you,"
"How so?" Jimin asks.
"You help me try to understand my feelings, and I'll help you love yourself."
"Ah... I don't know..."


yoongix; where have u two been

GOD; at my house

qtseok; fucking?

seoulmin; no

yoongix; then WHAT

GOD; talking

qtseok; about?

yoongix; fucking probably

wtfgguk; lmao

lattae; nah just tell us omg

seoulmin; idk whether its any of ur business

seoulmin; its our friendship and u guys should focus on ur own

yoongix; ive got no friends to focus on


yoongix; my friend?

hobiversed; :)

yoongix; btw im coming over hoseok

hobiversed; for what?

GOD; to fuck, probably

qtseok; oml

yoongix; i mean...

yoongix; maybe 

[yoongix is offline.]

hobiversed; wait WHAT

hobiversed; im straight jdjsjsjs

qtseok; lmao

[hobiversed is offline.]


seoulmin; guys

GOD; hmm

qtseok; ya

wtfgguk; yo

lattae; yh

seoulmin; i dyed my hair a new colour, can you rate it

GOD; go ahead

[seoulmin has attached an image:]

[seoulmin has attached an image:]

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lattae; omg so innocent

wtfgguk; you look five its so cute

qtseok; omg 

GOD; im coming over

seoulmin; wait why

GOD; to fuck

[GOD is offline.]

seoulmin; wait what-

wtfgguk; omg hes like five donttt

qtseok; LMAO

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