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Reasons I Shouldn't Be A Princess:

1) I'm a strange human.
2) I'm the most clumsy person ever. I mean, heels? Come. On.
3) There is not a photogenic cell in my body. 
4) I'm all tall and lanky and awkward looking.
5) I'm a complete and total nerd. Phalanges.
6) I don't really enjoy talking to people (in a complete non-rude way, of course)...plus I'm shy.
7) Boys don't like me for me. I have zero guy experience. Never even had a boyfriend at 17 years old. I must be an alien.
8) I hate dresses and dressing up.
9) I'm a tomboy. Princesses just aren't tomboys.
10) I'm not pretty and/or perfect, like everyone expects me to be.

Okay, I actually had that written down. I don't know why I actually put it on paper, I think I was just bored one time.

But it was true, okay?

I was probably the worst princess ever. I did not fit any of the qualifications to be part of the British royal family. Except for my DNA, but does that count? I wasn't not actually sure if I had the correct DNA, I always thought there must've been a screw up. I was nothing like anybody in my family. I didn't belong, almost. I mean, I loved my family and they loved me, but I wasn't fit to be a princess. I didn't have the looks or the personality. So why in the world was I one?

I basically ranted about this in my head everyday of my life. I just didn't understand this whole concept. Talk about confusion.

But there wasn't a way to change who I was. I was and always would be Princess Rosalie. Yuck. I hated the way that sounded. I just wished I could be plain old Rosie. Plenty of girls wished they were a princess...maybe I could switch spots with one of them. A little switcheroo. Simple enough.

At the moment though, this wasn't my biggest problem. Oh, no. My life had to be much more complicated than that. Add in a famous pop-star to all of the chaos, the one and only Louis Tomlinson, and what do you get? The biggest mess...ever.

So how about I take you back to the beginning, before my life was flipped upside-down?

Welcome to the chaotic, dysfunctional life of me, [insert longest name ever] Princess Rosalie Alicia Kensington. 


Hahah, don't comment on the name, I literally searched 'royal last names' in google and i got that x) If any of you can think of a better last name please tell me it (i'm not being sarcastic, i really need a new last name..) Anyway, the actual first chapter might not be up for a while! But yeah, this is sort of a sneak peek! Please, tell me what you thought! thanks for reading! :) x

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