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Last chapter
There will be a next book containing the love triangle but it will have next to nothing dekutodo because BITCHHHGGG ITS GOING TO BE A    B A K U T O D O.


The time remaining on the island ran out and they had to leave early. This was due to mineta and his alcohol. He received a 2 month suspension and all the students in class one a also got suspended for 3 days.

The school decided to keep them in the dorm building and only let them out to clean the school building for the three days. Even though some didn't drink everyone knew about it and if a villain came they would of all probably died or got I injured.

Thankfully it was going to be summer vacation soon and they had a week left.

And now....
Welcome to cleaning the school at 3am.


( cleaning group: todo Baku Uraraka kiri Momo froppy Iida and invisible girl )
Question if aizawa used erase on invisible girl would you see her real face 🤔

" Bakugou don't sing that you'll summon demons or something rabbet" froppy croaks.
" yeah it's kind of scary " Uraraka says while clutching the sp bye close to her chest.
" good the demons can take the soul of that fucking purple shrivelled grape shit " Bakugou scowls our as his scrubbing intensives.
" yeah I guess it's that perverse fault that we're here " momo sighs as she dusts the walls.

" quit complaining we must clean I repeat we must clean " Iida says and does his chopping hand gestures.

They carry on cleaning until they hear a soft whimper.
" what was that " Bakugou whispers and he walks over to grab on shouto's sleeve.
" AHHHHH ITS PROBABLY A GHOST " Uraraka says as she backs into a corner.
" don't be silly ghosts aren't real " Iida insures is all.
A child's laugh.
Shouto im scared " Bakugou whispers as he hugs his arm.
" momo make some ghost killing stuff ribbit " froppy says as she puts all her cleaning stuff down.
" I don't think I can, I haven't studied it before " momo says.
" stop being scared I'll go out and everyone follow me " Iida says as he opens the door.

Everyone agrees and follow him out into the hallway. All the lights were turned of and the other 2 groups were on the other side of the school.

Iida confidently walks into the hall way. " shouto cue the lights " he says.
" the what "
" he means get some fire so we can see " kirishima says as he sighs.
" right " Todoroki uses his flames and dimly lights the hallway. " I don't want the School to be on fire. But can't momo make torches ( flashlights ) ? ".
" yeah but I haven't eaten a lot so I can't really. I used it for extra sponges" momo replies.

They carry on walking down the hall way until they reach a hallway door.
Iida tries to push it open but to no avail does it work.
" I'll blow it to pieces " Bakugou says as he creates 3 small explosions with his hands.
" no or we will get another days worth of suspension " Todoroki says as he lightly pushes bakugou's hand down.
" fine whatever " Bakugou pouts for a second but ten goes to his signature pissed look.
" let's try the other d-dooroRRRRRRR " Uraraka says as she turns around and there standing were two black figures. Half of the group prepares to fight and the other half scream.
" haha got YaLl ;) " mina says as she shows her phone with " scary baby sounds " playing.
" wow did you see the look on your faces " denki snickers.
" fuck you " Bakugou scowls.


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The next book will come out soon and it will be the whole triangle thing but it will be 99.9% todobaku
Also I've Published a vent ish book. It's a trashy Instagram thingy call gone viral. It's mostly pictures. Do any of you have any ship requests out the bnha fandom since I've wrote 3 book on todobaku lmao.
Fairy tail would be nice or drrr
Maybe other things and please recommend me animes I don't have any on my list.

And yet again thanks to all the people who stuck around.

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