Chapter 79: New Powerful Allies

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"What happened?" Riza and the friends asked Nick, Nora, and Kokuyo (the only one who had come out of the battles without injuries).

When they got acquainted with the events happened - that the New World Order had attacked out of the blue while they were away, had killed Goatee (with whom his own wife died too as his muse), knocked out Saturn Celestial Lord Goldmund, killed Sun Celestial Lord Byakuya, injured all the other members, and then fled kidnapping Edmund as their leader turned out to be Gustav Jaeger, Edmund's father who long held a grudge against his clan - all of them got worried, terrified, and distressed.

"Ah, such dreadful news!" Danielle frightfully covered her mouth with her hands.

"Edmund!" Riza clutched the broken glasses of her beloved, which she had found amidst the Order ruins.

"Ugh, that snake..." Scott sneered, displeased at the information that the leader of this gruesome attack was his colleague protected by Planet Mars - the Scorpio Celestial Lord, Gustav Jaeger.

"So now Nora and I are healing everyone we can," Nick finished. "It is good you came back. That way, we can take our revenge, as we finally have enough forces".

"Ugh, we're definitely striking back!" Riza's eyes shone with rage, "I will not let them have my lover!"

"Yes, we're coming, too," Danielle put a hand on her shoulder, her frown being firm - she would support her daughter until the end.

Suddenly, they heard Tiger's worried and surprised exclaim:

"But where's Tamie?"

They started - indeed, Tamie could be seen nowhere in the room. Tiger's pets sadly yelped and meowed as they saw their owner in such distress. Nick sighed and calmly answered:

"I told you Byakuya died, didn't I? Tamie... she was a close friend with him... Just as I healed her and she gained back her senses, she pleaded me to let her go to the Peak of Placidus. She said it concerned Byakuya's final wish. So I consented. I just couldn't object..."

"Ah, I understand," Tiger sighed too - he was right. Tamie truly had feelings for Byakuya, after all... Then she ran up to Kokuyo and hugged him tightly - he would be so stressed now, knowing he had no relatives anymore. "Kokuyo! I..."

"It is fine..." Kokuyo hugged her back, although his eyes were filled with tiny tears. "We will strike back..."

"We will! I shall avenge you, I promise!" Tiger's eyes blazed with inner confidence and incense, "We shall make them regret they have ever messed with us!"

"Oh, sure we will!" Scott frowned too, getting pumped up - those losers were to be taught a good lesson!

"Let's kick their butt," Fireball grinned - he was always in the mood of blasting enemies.

Blizzard barked in determination and furiously wagged the tail, while Christo and Astra strictly meowed, standing up.

In all of a sudden, while they were so determined to go right at that moment and teach their enemies a lesson, the door of the infirmary opened, and two strangers walked in. The friends widened eyes - ugh, in all this mess they forgot the Order building was completely destroyed save for the basement, so the Ring Security System could work no more! But once Nick eyed the intruders carefully, he brightened and ran up to them, embracing them tightly:

"Mother! Father!"

"Huh? His parents?" Riza, Tiger, Danielle, and Scott blinked - Nick's and Tamie's parents had come? But once they eyed them carefully, they gasped:

"The Jormungandur and the Neptune Celestial Lady are your parents?!" Scott was dumbfounded - indeed, that long-brown-haired, hazel-eyed woman wore a golden-chained, light-blue-gemmed Neptune necklace, and that black-haired man beside her who also tightly embraced his son was no one other but the famous Pisces Zodiac Master of Defender Class – the strongest one ever known – the Jormungandur, as he was one of the few Snake spirit Zodiac Masters to have unlocked the legendary ring of the Water Snake of the Dark Depths of Oceans, Jormungandur. He had indeed closed his one eye as the legend told because it was the infamous Snake-in-the-Eye – one of the most powerful eye techniques only this man possessed. If it came opened, it could take down hundreds of enemies. "To just think Nick's and Tamie's parents were these guys... amazing..."

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"I missed you!" Nick smiled at his parents and then presented them to his friends as Nina Wingfield the Neptune Celestial Lady and Tim Wingfield the Jormungandur

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"I missed you!" Nick smiled at his parents and then presented them to his friends as Nina Wingfield the Neptune Celestial Lady and Tim Wingfield the Jormungandur. After warm greetings, he addressed his parents again: "Why did you come?"

"What a question to ask, Nick?" Tim, his father, furrowed his brow, "The moment we heard Rose Cruce Order was smashed by the New World Order, we hurried here as fast as we could. Do you truly think we'd leave you guys alone in such a matter?"

"Ah, I get it - so the news reached you too in Mandragore..."

"Wait, you are willing to help?" Scott's jaw dropped - such powerful allies!

"Of course, Mr. Blutendorf," Nina crossed her arms angrily, "To just think that Gustav Jaeger, my fellow colleague as a Water Celestial Lord, dared do such a thing to the order where my children belong! He's not going to get away with it, that's for sure!"

"He was my colleague too, mom, but he attacked directly. He is not a man to be taken lightly".

"I'm going to teach him a lesson the hard way, then," Tim clenched his fists in clear rage.

"By the way, where's Tamie?" Nina worriedly looked around - where was her beloved girl?!

"Ah, she has gone to the Peak of Placidus to fulfill the final will of one of her dear friends who died in the clash..." Nick sighed.

Both of the parents widened eyes and grew sad:

"Aww, poor Tamie..."

"Is she going to be fine?"

"She will be fine, mom, don't worry. She's strong enough already".

Thus, the friends decided to believe in Tamie's strength and instead strike the New World Order back, so they quickly devised the strategy, left Nora in charge of the wounded, and departed.

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