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"I don't wanna be with Eugene" I said, pouting

"Well tell the prods" she said as if it were an obvious solution

"I diiiiiiddd" I whined

"Well then just do it, it's your job"

"Fuck you"

"Love you too" she said leaving


Well that's just great. They had called me and Eugene in, after seeing what happened with Zach and the dominatrix, I was scared of what was to happen. Well, less scared of how Ned and Keith went at it.

We entered I was dressed in something kinky, I hated it but they told me to wear something kinky (picture on top). He was wearing a tie and-- I can see his ass. Damn. Shut up, me! Agh!

"K lets start"

~time skip after they read book~

"Who's going first?" I ask

"You wanna?" He asks


I get blindfolded and handcuffed. I get touched with something feathery. "AH WHAT THE FUCK" I shout.

"Jesus calm down" Eugene tells me.
"That's the point of the blindfold" he says.

"Mmmm.... ok fine"

I feel something slap my ass.


"Ok ok fuck, calm down. Wanna switch?"


They uncuff me and take of the blindfold.

"Ok" I say straddling him. "Gimme your hands" I cuff it. I get the 2 sided paddle and hit him. "Harder!" He says.

"Ok, ya sure?"

"Do it"

K grab the wooden paddle and hit him as hard as I can.

"Ow Fuck! The fuck was that?"

"That's for standing me up for another girl" I whisper

"I said I was sorry" he whisper yells

I spank him again


"K that's good, you can leave now, Y/N" the producer said

I exit and Jen's there, waiting. "So, how was it?" She asks wiggling her eyebrows

"Its fine, I hurt him, not as bad as he hurt me though"

"Oh" she says

A/N: first "chapter" ! I will try to update as much as I can. As you can see in the description, I'm continuing the story of AmazingLilyHowell. Wish me luck. Also, the timeline is messed up so... yeah pls just accept it. Sorry for short chapters, this is my first book 💖

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