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Sighing at the noise outside, I dragged my feet across the floor and headed past the medical room. "It should be here... I thought as the sound of flowing water grabbed my attention. It was quiet and if I didn't have my enhanced senses, I would of been lost. "At least there's a perk for a Demon-Angel hybrid." Following the sound down a extensive set of stone stairs, I laid eyes on it.

It was enormous compared to what I had envisioned. It was the size of a small field, completing shut off with the outside light. The cave's rock were cold and damp from multiple years of use. The sound of the moving water hummed in my ears. It sparkled with a turquoise sheen, obviously not just normal water. "I heard the nurses say that this is light-infused water... must be fancy."

I stripped my clothes off and dropped them onto the cold rock beneath my feet. Nervous of any creepy perverts coming in, I moved my hair to the front of my chest. My goosebump-covered skin didn't have the same colour as it used to have and my arms and legs looked huge compared to my frail body. I looked... ill.

The water was incredibly warm and soon enough I plunged into the water. It was probably the best that has happened to me since the mission. It warmed my cold skin, wrapping me in free moving blanket. I floated within the translucent water, my breath rising into the air from the cold stone around me. The sound of the water dripping into the Spring stopped me from almost sleeping in the water as I recalled all that has happened.

"Why me? After all, I'm a girl who lost her memory and just happens to be daughter of a King." Images of my father flashed into my head, along with others. Luna seared into my mind. "Luna... I miss you." Other faces whirled around. The girl with platinum blond hair that threatened me. Kelly. Jay. Anna. Mackenzie. Caleb. Melissa. My mind wandered and after what seemed like a few minutes, it ventured to the depths of my consciousness...

"Aurora... It's me..."

"No... It can't be... You're dead!"

"I can't be here for long... I need to go now..."

"Where are you going?!"

"I'll always watch over you..."

"No! I want to see you! Come back!..."

My eyes snapped open and was greeted with black

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My eyes snapped open and was greeted with black. I was flat against the floor of Spring, gazing up at the minimal light that just managed to reach my eyes. The surface of the Spring thrived with light, whilst the depths of the water was shrouded in pure darkness, leaving my sinking body to join the void of the abyss.

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