Episode 12: The Keys are No Longer Needed

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When Cyan come out of her room this morning, she looked better than this did yesterday

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When Cyan come out of her room this morning, she looked better than this did yesterday. She still had bags under her eyes, though, so she probably hadn't gotten the best sleep.

Sweat beaded my forehead. She looked pretty ticked off, too.

I grabbed Honey when she skidded into the room, so she wouldn't crash into anything. That really wasn't anything we needed right now. Not with what we had going on.

After I put Honey down, I washed my hands. "I was about to make myself breakfast. Did you want anything?"

I wasn't saying that to say that, either. I had a sister named Violet. She loved to make breakfast for us kids. It was something with strawberries and cream in it. When I woke up today, I was craving it so badly.

"What are you making?"

Electricity pooled in my cheeks. "I don't really know what it's called or anything cuz it was something my sister used to make me. You could watch me and see what you think if you want it."


Whoa. Cyan wasn't usually like this. She reminded me of Violet, too. She used to get something that was supposed to happen to girls every month. When she did, if it was especially bad, she was moody and/or in a lot of pain.

Maybe that was why Cyan was like she was when she came home instead of it being cuz she was sick.

Anyway, I dug the things I needed out of my terminal and the cupboards. It'd take me five minutes if that, to make this.

Cyan was staring at me. if felt like she might bite my head off if she thought I made a mistake. I hoped she'd approve the breakfast I was making myself...

I made myself enough for Cyan to have some too if she wanted to. Even if she didn't, I'd have breakfast for myself tomorrow. Leftovers were a handy thing to have.

Cyan smelled it. "Your sister used to make this for you? Why?"

"I don't really remember... She just kinda did. Since we liked it so much, she made it for us a lot."

She went to work when I was about twelve. I remember Del saying he wished he could have it his first day of school. The one where he wasn't home-schooled with us anymore.

I hadn't since her since. Her job was done, but she hadn't found a chance to visit since she chose to stay in her other world.

Now, I missed her... If Cyan wasn't like she was, I would've been afraid that I'd cry. Crying wouldn't change things or help me. I didn't need to make things more difficult.

I took my breakfast into my room to eat it. I didn't mind Cyan's company. Things were just really weird right now.

I couldn't wait for her girl thing to be over. I didn't really know what to do with it cuz of how it was affecting her. I wanted to say it was better to keep my distance, but I really didn't know what was better. At least, it would go away.

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