Chapter Four

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We sat in silence until the van pulled to a stop and sent us flying sideways. They opened the doors and grabbed our arms tightly before picking us up. I didn't thrash around or object. Kirishima's life was on the line and I didn't want him to get hurt or killed.

They took him down a different hallway than me. Deku followed me with a big stupid grin. "I can't believe that we finally have more recruits! Or that you fell for my trick!" He squealed like a school girl.

I looked away and the next thing I knew was that I was being shoved inside a small room that had a set of clothes. "Put those on, we'll give you five minutes." I heard a deep voice on the other side of the door. That must've been the dude who was carrying me. I growled.

I looked at the outfit. It looked similar to Deku's, except that it had a red undershirt instead of a green one. I sighed. This place is going to be a nightmare.


When I was done, I quickly slipped my phone out of my shirt pocket to read the text only to realize that I got one not that long ago.

R: Friday, 6:30- Hey, why is Todoroki in the common room? He said that he had no idea of a double date.

R: Today, 12:37- Bakugou? Where are you? First, Midoriya started acting weird, then you and Kirishima went missing.

B: Today, 2:21- Look, Pinky, we've been kidnapped and I had to join the League of Villains so they wouldn't hurt Kirishima but he has a cut on his arm.

R: Today, 2:21- Shoot! Do you know where you are?

B: Today, 2:21- No.

R: Today, 2:22- Send your location like Midoriya did!

B: Today, 2:22- Can't. My phone isn't like Deku's where I can send you my location at the press of a button.

R: Today, 2:22- Oof. Don't worry, I'll tell the Bakusquad about yours and Kirishima's situation. Don't worry Bakugou, you two will be safe soon.

B: Today, 2:22- Thanks. By the way, Don't get the heroes involved though. They villains would hurt Kirishima. I can handle this on my own.

R: Today, 2:22- Alright. I'll just tell Sero and Kaminari about it then.

  B: Today, 2:23- Good. Now stop texting me, They're coming.

I put my phone into a pocket I had and I heard a knock on the door. "Time's up Bakugou." I turned and saw Deku opened the door so I walked out, feeling a little classy because of the outfit. He hummed a song that I didn't recognise and was skipping like a girl. I scoffed and followed him down the hallway that they took Kirishima down. The hallway had around nine doors. I wonder what door has Kirishima...

  I looked at Deku discustingly again. "How can you be so fucking happy knowing that you kidnapped two of your classmates?" I growled.

  Deku stopped in his tracks a little bit ahead of me. He turned around and showed me the most awful smile I've ever seen. It caused me to fall back and land on the ground. His skin slowly started to change. "Oh Bakugou," Thier eyes changed from the bright green to a sickening yellow and the green hair was melting, changing into blonde. "I forgot to tell you that I'm not the real Deku." I backed up against the wall and tried to make sense of it all. No wonder why Deku's been acting so weird. He would never do most of the stuff he's done that week. He wouldn't actually wouldn't want to hurt us, would he? I snapped out of my thinking when I felt the villain grab my shoulders. "You look adorable right here, you just need to bleed a little." The psycho tried to stab me with a needle-looking thing. I used my quirk to make a small explosion for a distraction. I ran into a random room and locked the door. I froze when I heard coughing.

  I turned around and widened my eyes to what I saw. I saw a small, familiar body frame. His hair had a bunch of spots where it was being held down or sticking out due to blood. His eyes looked dull like someone tried to take his life away from him, and his school uniform that he was in was in bad condition. There were rips and cuts all over his skin and his suit. He had multiple bruises too, yet somehow, he was still able to speak.


  I put my finger to my mouth to tell him to shhhand I hid behind his chair. The door opened as soon as I was setrled in behind Deku.

  I heard a sould like someone dropping their hands to their sides. "Bakugou, look, I may not be a professional at hiding but even I see you and I have a hand covering most of my face. Seriously, this was disappointing. Just get out from behind the brat and nobody gets hurt. Don't forget that we have Kiri." He smiled at the last part.

  "Don't you dare hurt him." I stood up with my hands in the air.

  "Kirishima is here too? What's going on?" Deku asked, his voiced laced with confusion, fear, and tiredness.

  "I'll explain if I ever get a chance." I told him before walking towards hand man.

  "Good Bakugou~. Now, don't pull anymore stunts like that again or that red-head pays." I looked at the ground and nodded whild balling up my fists. I felt helpless and I hated that feeling. My friend from when I was little is tied up in a room right next to me and if I free him, then we'll be able to team up against these villains, but they have Kirishima somewhere around here and if we charged into battle without a plan, it'll put Kirishima's life on the line. I sighed and released my fists. I'm sorry guys, I don't have a plan to save you yet.
  Hello! I'm going to make the chapters in this book at least over 1000 words. It'll be shorter chapters than I've published in the other book but I like leaving y'all on cliffhangers >:3. Anyways, thank you for understanding.

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