Chap. 28.5

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Adam Watson

I hadn't heard from Sarah in three days.

That wasn't like her. Usually she'd be the one texting me, reminding me that we needed to meet up, reminding me that I had a paper due in two days, reminding me of her presence.

But she'd ghosted me after she kissed me.

It was like I asked her to plant her lips on mine. And now I couldn't even get a text back.

And I hated to admit that I needed her, now more than ever.

With Bowl season coming up, I had one more game to secure the team a spot in the New Year's Six, as well as conference champions.

The pressure was on. And I was cracking.

I could feel the cravings in the pit of my stomach. I could feel myself crumbling.

Where was Campbell when I actually needed her?

"You've got that concentration look on your face," Terrence said.

I ignored him, checking my phone again.

Still nothing.

"How many times are you gonna check that thing?" Terrence asked.

"I'm hoping that if I ignore you enough, you'll get bored and leave," I said, without glancing up at him. "Is it working?"

He didn't answer, going back to reading his Psychology textbook.

I flipped on the TV, leaning back as I tried to focus on an episode of Criminal Minds.

I liked shows that involved complex thinking. Shows that kept my mind reeling and off of the situation at hand.

But it wasn't working today. I could hardly keep up with the episode, my thoughts racing.

"You never silently watch Criminal Minds," Terrence said. "I always have to remind you to shut the hell up as you annoy me with your predictions and commentary."

I reached over and flipped the TV back off. "I need to get out of this room."

"Where to?"

I don't know. "I need to get off campus. I need to just get away for a bit."

"Are you having bad thoughts?" Terrence questioned.

I ignored him, grabbing my wallet and stuffing it into the pocket of my gym shorts. "Are you coming?"

He nodded. "Your phone?"

I shook my head. "I just need to get the hell out of here."

"Lead the way."


Somehow we were back in AA.

This hadn't been where I intended to escape to tonight, and I think Terrence subliminally led me here, though he denies it.

How else would I end up at Alcoholics Anonymous?

But we'd upgraded our seats a little bit, taking the third row to the back instead of the very back, mostly so that Terrence could swipe us a couple of cookies.

They looked homemade tonight.

There were quite a few of the same people from last time, a couple of new faces. I hated that this was becoming a crowd that I recognized.

Speaking right now was the girl out of the young hipster couple. I was tuning her in and out, munching on my cookie as I checked out the rest of the crowd.

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