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Author P.O.V

Uchiha Sasuke... A cold hearted guy that every people seems to adore so much, coming from an elite clan that has perish in the hands of his older brother. Making revenge become his top priority. Turning him into a person who seeks for power, which leads him into betraying his own village and pursue his dream to seek for power from one of the legendary Sannin who uses forbidden techniques to live a long life.

Who knows a guy like him is capable to love someone so much. Seems like Y/N breaks through his hard barrier. She's the only one who can bring out Sasuke's soft heart. Making her the most important girl in his dark life. In his path of revenge. So he wants to make sure the girl he cherish is safe and happy.

Y/N went with Sasuke, as requested by Sasuke himself... After he rescued her from the grasp of Phoenix bandit, that only wants her for her rare ability.

If an amateur bandit like them is after her, that means, there will be more bandits that are far more powerful is going after her... Making her life in great danger. So he knew he had to keep her with him, so he could protect her. Taking her with him is the only way.

But how long will he able to protect her? With all bandits far more powerful than his current strength are all after her.

What will Sasuke do to make sure no harm will come to the girl he loves the most? Will he train hard enough to be strong to protect her? Will he abandon his goal of avenging his clan Massacre and be with her? Or is Avenging his clan is still his top priority until the end of time? And most importantly...

Will Uchiha Sasuke able to protect the girl he love and cherish the most... Or will he have to face another grief of losing the one he loves?

*to be continued*

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